COVID-19 is ravishing America like a raging bull! We are close to approaching a half million deaths, and a lot of these are among Black and brown people. Yet at this time, they are the ones who are most reluctant to take one of the vaccines that are being rushed to market.

Vaccines usually take more than a year, and commonly two or more years to test their efficacy and even if they effectively prevent infections, they might have other extremely deleterious side effects later.

America is in a pickle when it comes to vaccines. It is said that a so-called “herd immunity” will not be possible unless at least 70 percent of the population is inoculated. For certain, at this point, it seems like a remote dream to expect a 70 percent result due to the number of African Americans who are refusing to take the vaccine. There are reasons for this, and the United States’ bad behavior in the past bears a great deal of the blame. Black Americans remember the Tuskegee Experiment, wherein Black men were actually and deliberately injected with syphilis and then left to fend for themselves untreated. This was a barbaric activity by any measure and caused many people and their families to suffer needlessly.

Next, we have the AIDS virus that supposedly had its origins in green monkeys in Africa, or at least, that is what was initially said. The truth of the matter is that certain populations were initially targeted by the virus, basically homosexual men on the East and West coasts of America, and non-homosexuals in Africa. In fact, there were some public health professionals who cried foul, while pointing out that the epidemic followed exactly the World Health Organization’s smallpox immunization program!

Another case where American science has played fast and loose with African American biology is the case of Henrietta Lacks, the woman who died of cancer and whose cells have been used for decades in research because of their apparent “immortality.” This was done without the family’s knowledge or consent.

In addition to the foregoing issues, it is now known that different races have biological markers and, because of this, can be genetically targeted. It is now possible to manufacture designer drugs that will impact certain populations. The history of oppression of Black people in America can, therefore, make this population extremely leery when it comes to serving as “guinea pigs” for a vaccine (or vaccines) that have been rushed to market.

Several other issues that have placed pause in the minds of African Americans when it comes to vaccinations is that it has been noted that the African continent has not suffered from COVID-19 as much as other places in the world, yet it was initially suggested that Africans should be the first to test the vaccines.

This, coupled with the suspicion that has surrounded Bill Gates and his strong-handed activities in the field of vaccination philosophy in the Third World, has put the nails in the proverbial coffin of “anti-vaxxers.” People do not trust him; he has been known to push vaccines as a form of population control for years. Among the questions that remain to be answered are his motives is he trying to save people so that they will have a better quality of life or is there a more sinister motive connected with population culling? Believe it or not, many African Americans hold the latter viewpoint.

The crux of the current COVID-19 vaccination issue is that the first people who take it, the pioneers, may, in fact, be placing their lives in jeopardy. Coupled with this is the social damage that might result if we reach a point where government mandates are enacted regarding freedom of movement and social participation of those who refuse to take the vaccine. And finally, a large number of people around President Trump who have contracted the virus have had access to special therapies that have helped them heal, and these are unavailable to the general public. This is unacceptable; people have reason to be cautious; especially Black people. A Luta Continua.

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