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Africans in America have been adversely impacted by the long sojourn on hostile shores. For the most part, it started with the slave trade, even though it is now being discovered that there were Blacks on the North American continent dating back many years before Columbus stumbled upon this land with the erroneous thought that he had reached India. There is evidence of a race of people found that left large giant Negroid heads. The people they represent are called Olmec, and there is no mistake that they have Black features: thick lips, broad noses, and what appear to be braids.

Going to the African continent, there are a boatload of images that depict the ancient Egyptians as Black. This culture has been depicted as white in modern times to such an extent that people believe the lie. Next, we can look at some of the figures in East Indian art. There are images of the “gods” engaged in wars while riding in flying machines that are called “Vimanas.” Some of these warrior gods are Black. Next, let’s observe the Dogon culture in Africa. They have information imparted to them by their gods about the existence of Sirius B and C, something the Europeans who stumbled upon them had no clue about at that time. The Dogon not only knew about the existence of these stars centuries before the Europeans, they knew about their orbital periods and density. The Dogon shared their secrets, described as what would be PhD-level knowledge in our culture, with the European observers who could not believe that the tribe did not get their information from some unknown white people.

We don’t need to stop there. It is said that Confucius was Black. There is evidence that this is true; it is now known that some of the original inhabitants of China were Black. Recently it was discovered that the game of hockey was created by Black ex-slaves. Pioneer explorer Matthew Alexander Henson accompanied Rear Admiral Robert Peary on seven voyages to the Arctic over a period of almost 23 years. On another note, the most sacred images of the Christ child and the Madonna are Black in certain places; it is even said that the Catholic Church secretly reveres a Black Pope.

Fast forward to modern America. The slaves were deprived of every basic human right and were treated as less than human. They were denied education, and even to this day, there are attempts to keep Black people down. A lot of people think that white supremacy is born out of the conviction that Black people are an inferior creation. The more we observe the incredible accomplishments of Blacks in spite of impediments, however, it becomes apparent that Black people are made of different stuff. In whatever field of endeavor that interests members of the community, they excel. Black culture has spread across the planet, influencing people as far away as Korea and Japan. Documentaries have shown that Black culture is trending to such an extent that some Japanese women are adopting the “afro” hairstyle, and the boys are appropriating hip hop and rap culture.

When looking at the reality of the resilience of Blacks, it becomes apparent that we represent a formidable force. Look at Beyoncé, look at Tyler Perry, look at Oprah Winfrey, look at Ava DuVernay, check out Will Smith, or just look at how Blacks have influenced culture in America in just about every arena including sports, entertainment, science and technology. Think about “Hidden Figures” – the African American female mathematicians who were instrumental in facilitating a successful moon landing. Blacks were also involved in the development of cell phone technology, the internet, GPS technology, and many other inventions that may not be widely acknowledged

With this said, the biggest secret that is becoming apparent is that white supremacists deep down in their hearts FEAR Black people! In order to keep this hidden, they promote the propaganda of Black inferiority. This has been so effective that Black people themselves believe it and, as a result, have become some of the biggest self-haters on the planet. If we are not able to cut through the myth of Black inferiority and embrace our collective excellence, we may not survive in an increasingly hostile world. We are powerful beyond imagination and don’t know it! A Luta Continua.

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