Tyronne Stoudemire, chief diversity officer for the Hyatt Hotel Corp., bought more than a dozen Red Poinsettia's to beautify the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and for Rev. Jesse L. Jackson's 79th birthday.

A gift for Rev. Jackson’s 79th birthday

By Chinta Strausberg

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.’s 79th birthday has come and gone, but the gifts keep coming his way like on Monday when Tyronne Stoudemire, chief diversity officer for the Hyatt Hotel Corp., bought dozens of red potted Poinsettia’s and had them planted in the front yard of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition headquarters, 930 E. 50th St.

“I wanted to come back and beautify the Rainbow PUSH Coalition which has a history of civil and human rights and all the hard work Rev. Jackson has done to make sure all people can thrive and strive together,” said Stoudemire said.

“We thought we would decorate the outside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but also beautify this wonderful place of art…the history of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. being assassinated, images of speeches Rev. Jackson has given, and images of our great African Americans like (the statutes of) Hank Aaron, Bob Johnson and Barry Gordy. All of these things are part of our history and our heritage.

“We must clean it, celebrate and acknowledge it and keep it for the next generation and generations to come,” he said. “This is why I came back to support and give a little of my service and time back to honor the many men and women on whose shoulders I stand on today,” said Stoudemire.

“If it had not been for Harriet Tubman, there would not have been a Dr. King,” he said. “If it were not a Dr. King, there would not be a Jesse Jackson. Those are the great men and women who have gone on before us that we celebrate and hold up our community together,” said Stoudemire.

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