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Tyler Perry’s Final Madea Movie, HALLALUYAR!

A Madea Family Funeral is the eleventh and final installment of the Madea series, may it rest in peace.


Madea and her host of family and friends attend an anniversary party which turns into turmoil, a hot mess, and a funeral. It’s the standard Madea formula with Tyler Perry playing four or five characters (which he does phenomenally well); Cassi Davis as the somewhat nice but clueless Aunt Bam; and Patrice Lovely as the sex crazed Hattie.

There is infidelity, lots of sex innuendos, and some funny but predictable scenes.

Tyler Perry Quin Walters Ciera Payton and David Otunga

I was expecting something a little more, with this being the final farewell to a character we, no matter much some of us didn’t want to, learned to love.

The film went on too long and then ran out of gas. The lights came on and we sat there saying, “this is it?”

All the actors did their jobs and did them well. There were different levels to some of their characters, but it just wasn’t enough.

It pains me to say, WAIT FOR THE DVD, on A Madea Family Funeral.

Until next time, keep your EYE to the sky!

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