Two totally different films coming on VOD on May 4 — “Painkiller” and “Crappy Mother’s Day”

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By Elaine Hegwood Bowen, M.S.J.

Painkiller“Painkiller” is a revenge thriller available on Demand and on DVD from Cinedigm on May 4

After losing his daughter to a drug overdose, a broken father begins a vigilante campaign to bring down the white-collar criminals behind the opioid epidemic in “Painkiller.” The timely and powerful thriller stars acting veterans Michael Paré (“Eddie & the Cruisers” and “Gangster Land”) and Bill Oberst Jr. (“Scream Queens” and “Criminal Minds”) and takes an unapologetic look at a crisis facing countless American families.

This is a timely topic, and the film shows the pain and misery that opioids have wrought on people—be they folks who have lost loved ones to fatal overdoses or folks who are trying to help family members get off painkillers. The film reveals that this particular pharm company created these opioids to help heart patients and those at the end of their lives and needing palliative care.

PACEY LIZ WALKER, as Maya, and BILL OBERST, as Bill Johnson, discuss victims associated with the opioid crisis in a scene from ‘Painkiller.’

But as more and more folks take pills way past the recommended five days after surgery or whatever situation placed them in excruciating pain, they often become addicted. Therein lies the main character/vigilante in this film’s mission. Bill Johnson, played by Oberst, seeing that no one is willing to take responsibility for the opioid epidemic, targets those made rich by the endless suffering. He is ruthless and strategic in tracking down drug dealers, with the help of a rogue cop played by Pacey Liz Walker (“The Rosa Park Story”), as well as the pharm big wigs who are marketing the drugs that he believes are responsible for his daughter’s death.

It is unimaginable how he goes about his “six-shooter” plan to rid the community of the scourge that he calls opioids, but this is a good revenge film—whether the main character’s intentions are accepted or frowned upon.

Take a look at the trailer:

“Crappy Mother’s Day” comedy available on Demand from Uncork’d Entertainment on May 4

Over 100 years ago, President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day a holiday, now three generations of women attempt to celebrate the esteemed day, but things go sour from the start. We discover quickly that things are not quite right with this family. There is the gruff father, a domineering grandmother, whacky middle-aged uncles, and a grandpa who is buried in the back yard—the legality of which is questioned and answered with “This is America, everything is legal.” The celebration ends quickly when a shocking secret that was kept from everyone for years is now revealed.

Crappy Mother's DayThis film is wacky enough and good just in time for Mother’s Day 2021. The couple in this film, Sarah, played by Kristen Krak, and James, played by Addison Anderson, is happily searching out new apartments in New York and just so happen to run into Sarah’s mother, who is certainly in her 40s and pregnant. It is a shock for all concerned, but the young couple are invited to visit her grandmother for Mother’s Day. The grandmother, played by Vivien Landau, is so flippant and could very well have celebrated the holiday on her own with her two sons, who live with her. But she’s waiting on the cake that her daughter, Sarah’s mother, is bringing for the festivities.

The two weirdly situated uncles dress as superheroes and one of them is fiending for some cake, as well. There are two guys in gorilla masks and a “girl toy” who is more tall than intelligent, but is happy to be on the arms of her older boyfriend, played by “Mike and Molly’s” Louis Mustillo. The day isn’t very well played out, with some surprises for Sarah along the way. But all’s well that ends well, because after all, it’s Mother’s Day.

Take a look at the trailer: TRAILER : Crappy Mother’s Day (2021) – YouTube.

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