Tulsa Police Video Shows White Driver Resist Cops, Shoot Them Both, Kill 1 And Live To Tell About It

David Anthony Ware

By NewsOne

A judge in Oklahoma on Monday ordered the release of police video showing a white driver who was pulled over by cops and not only refused to follow orders and resisted arrest but also physically assaulted officers before he shot them both at point-blank range.

And he lived to tell about it!

The Tulsa police dashcam and bodycam videos from the shooting were recorded during a traffic stop in the early morning of June 29, when the driver, David Ware, was guilty of doing exponentially more than what it routinely takes for cops to shoot Black suspects on sight. In fact, the footage showed the officers — Sgt. Craig Johnson, who died from the shooting, and Officer Aurash Zarkeshan, who survived — giving Ware an excessive number of verbal warnings before pepper-spraying him in the face multiple times.

When Ware, screaming hysterically throughout the video, appears to be unfazed by the pepper spray, the confrontation turns physical as both cops try to pull him from his car to no avail. The three men struggle before Wade apparently reaches fr the gun inside the car and shoots both of them.

Like so many other violent white people, Ware was ultimately safely taken into custody without incident.

A brief portion of the full police video released Monday follows below. It is extremely graphic and viewers should use discretion when watching it.

Ironically, the cops only wanted to get Ware’s car towed because it had expired tags and he had no proof of insurance, Public Radio Tulsa reported. But what began as a simple enough traffic stop quickly devolved into a case of double attempted murder of police officers.

As it turns out, Ware and Sgt. Johnson had at least one chance encounter before that fateful night more than two months ago. In that case from 2006, Ware is accused of spitting on Johnson. In fact, Ware’s criminal record shows he’s had at least 14 “run-ins” with police in Tulsa since the first time he was arrested — when he assaulted Sgt. Johnson, Tulsa World reported.

Ware’s relatively kind and sympathetic treatment by Tulsa police before and after he killed one of their own and shot another stood in stark contrast to Betty Shelby. She was the Tulsa police officer responsible for the killing of motorist Terence Crutcher, an unarmed Black father of four who was on his way home from a college course when his vehicle stalled in 2016. When Shelby responded to a call about his pickup truck blocking traffic, video shows Crutcher raised his hands high. Shelby still shot him in the middle of a street in broad daylight.

Even though an Oklahoma medical examiner ruled Shelby’s shooting of Crutcher was a homicide, she was ultimately acquitted of first-degree manslaughter.

The full dashcam and bodycam video from Ware’s traffic stop follows below.

In an unrelated incident this past weekend, a pair of cops was ambushed in California on Sunday, leaving both of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies “fighting for their lives.”

This article originally appeared on NewsOne.

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  1. Nobody is going to disagree that they should have shot this guy. It’s similar to Jacob Blake, except they didn’t let Jacob get the weapon he was going for.

    • They had Blake on the ground – 3 of them – and failed to subdue him. Their lack of following proper training caused their problem. Lying that someone had a knife while he was on the ground, then changing it to inside the car because video shows you’re lying is what makes the two incidents 100% different.

  2. Cool, more race bating from people who know nothing about life in america, keep it up you fucks. All news is fucking trash as it’s entertainment and agenda pushing. You all will soon be absolute. Hope “protestors” destroy what you love


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