Trump supporter beaten in Chicago street, recorded on video

A group of young men kicked and punched the man repeatedly as someone screamed, "Don't vote Trump." The video was posted to YouTube.


By Dennis Robaugh,

A white man driving in Chicago was attacked by young men who punched and kicked him as someone recorded a video and shouted “You voted Trump? Don’t vote Trump.” A voice also can be heard yelling “Beat his ass.”

The video, now the focus of a police investigation, appears to have been recorded Wednesday, the morning Donald Trump learned he’d won the presidential election.

The man rolled around in the roadway where South Kedzie Avenue intersects West Roosevelt Road on Chicago’s West Side trying to cover his head and fend off his attackers as they swung at him and kicked him in the stomach. Meanwhile, another man was rummaging through his car.

Advisory: This video contains violence and profanity and may be disturbing to some viewers.

The video was posted to YouTube anonymously on Nov. 9 with the note: “This video will eventually be taken down by (((youtube))). Save and share.” Chicago Police said they are aware of the video and investigating.


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  1. This is disgusting! If this is real, the behavior is nothing less than what we have seen and continue to see from hate groups of other races.


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