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Trump calls out Chicago violence during Black History Month meeting


The violence in Chicago became part of President Trump’s White House meeting Wednesday morning to honor Black History Month.

Trump marked the start of the annual month with a listening session.

Among the invited guests was Ohio Pastor Darrell Scott, who said Chicago gang members are reaching out for help to stop the violence on Chicago streets.

“I was recently contacted by some of the top gang thugs in Chicago for a sit down. They reached out to me because they associated me with you. They respect you, they believe in what you’re doing, and they want to have a sit down about lowering the body count”, the pastor explained to the president.

Trump responded to Pastor Scott and said, “If they’re not going to solve the problem, then we’re going to solve the problem for them — because we’re going to have to do something about Chicago. What’s happening in Chicago should not be happening in this country.”

The pastor also said that the gang members want to work with Trump’s administration, and they see hope in him.

The president also took time out during the meeting to repeat his claims that CNN is “fake news”, and complain about an incorrect report that he removed a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office.

The reporter later acknowledged the error.

Trump also said he did better in the African-American community than republican candidates in previous years.

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