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Trip Lee Makes An Official Return To Music With The Release Of His “Supernatural” Single And Video!

Rapper, pastor, husband, father, and 116 Clique founding member, Trip Lee, is back with another single, “Supernatural!” “This song, Supernatural, is about some of the things I wish were different in our world. Some of them are big and important— and others are lighthearted— but all of them represent exactly how I felt when I wrote it,” shares Trip. “We’ve all been through A LOT in the past few years. And when we look at how messed up our world is, it’s clear that we can’t fix everything on our own. Some things are just too big and out of our control. If it’s gonna change, we need supernatural help! But, if we just call on God, nothing is too big for him.” 

He makes his return with a renewed mission, “My goal is still to help people to see themselves in the image of God, so they can become a reflection of his greatness,” he shares. “I’m not giving my artistic expressions more room to be authentic than in my faith. Where I am weak, that is where the Lord’s strength is best seen, and I’m relying on his strength to guide me as I make my return.” 

After his 2016 album, The Waiting Room, the Dallas bred and based artist gave more attention to pastoring. “I felt called to the pulpit because I love the way pastors walk beside people and help them grow. But because of my health, I realize I need to make an impact differently and in this season it’s through music.”

Screenshot 153Trip Lee’s storied career began over a decade ago after a chance meeting with Lecrae and Tedashii at a show. When they met, he was already rhyming, starting at the early age of 12, when released his first mix tape. A mutual friend introduced him to Lecrae and Tedashii, and their friendship developed. Trip Lee signed to Reach Records at 17 and released his debut album, If Only They Knew, two days after his high school graduation. Since his signing, he has released five additional albums: 20/20 (2008), Between Two Worlds (2010), The Good Life (2012), Rise (2014), which debuted at #2 on the Billboard Rap Chart and at #16 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart, and Waiting Room (2016). 

Click here to stream and watch.

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Super Natural Lyrics

I wish that forbidden fruit was bitter
I wish we all would get banned from twitter
I wish hip hop didn’t root for killers
I wish police didn’t shoot to kill us
I wish that I could dance like thriller
I wish everybody knew my God, the healer, the cancer killer
Wish I could switch Dr Pepper for liquor, protect some livers
Wish my dogs was safe from pressures they face
Wish our world wasn’t programmed to see thug on my face
Wish I knew it’d be better for my kids so they wouldn’t grow up with violence
Wish our leaders was qualified to get more than dollar signs
If I have to we can skip the hassle
Show you what them facts do
They say he a natural
But we need supernatural, we need supernatural
The way he acts do it seem so supernatural
Verse 2
I know some churches are filled with villains
Living for them dollar bills they stealing
I wish you’d see all the men and women really living by what his will’s revealing
I wish nobody was tricked into thinking Jesus is what republicans be feeling
I’m glad he’s coming again, revealing that sin’s the villain
I wish I prayed more often while surviving this cave I’m tossed in
I know he listening, you can tell by what it cost him
And if he turns on my mic
And tunes into these sound bites
I hope my prayers sound right
My soul just might sound like
If I have to we can skip the hassle
Show you what them facts do
They say he a natural
But we need supernatural, we need supernatural
The way he acts do it seem so supernatural

I wish that forbidden fruit was bitter



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