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Transracial Couple Believes Their Baby Will Be Born Black

The White couple believe they will have a “milk chocolate” baby.

By Christina Santi, Ebony

Matrina Big and Michael Eurwen, a White German couple who receive melanin injections and identify as Black, appeared on the British television show This Morning to speak about being transracial, changing their skin color and starting a family.

Big, 30, garnered media attention in 2017 after she appeared on the daytime talk show Maury and revealed that she underwent a medical procedure to become Black. According to her website, she traveled to Kenya in February 2018 and was baptized as a “true African woman” by a clergyman.

The hosts of This Morning asked the 30-year-old, who has previously appeared on the show, about what “feelings” led her to believe she was Black and not White.

Big said that in 2017 she felt only 80 percent Black. She revealed that the melanin injections helped her not only physically by darkening her skin, eyes and coiling her hair but also psychologically.

“I can clearly feel that I’m Black,” she said. “The injections only started the process but being Black is not only the color, it is everything in total. When I go outside now, I get in touch with dark people much easier, and when I compare to my African friends I have more in common than with my German friends.”

Big began her melanin shots alone but her husband soon began receiving them with her. The couple, dressed in African fabric, said they received the same amount of treatment despite Eurwen being lighter in complexion than his wife.

The Morning hosts later spoke to the newlyweds about their marriage and whether they planned to have children.

“You’ve been told by a doctor that your children will be Black?” the talk show host asked.

“We’re not having plans,” the model responded. “I’m discussing regularly with my doctor if my body is OK. If having a baby is OK, if breastfeeding is OK and how the baby will look.”

After being asked if they will love the child who genetically could not be Black, Big responded, “Of course, it will be a mix of me and Michael.

 She added, “But I’m pretty sure it will be Black, but if it is milk chocolate or a little bit lighter it doesn’t matter.”

This article originally appeared in Ebony.

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