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Top Black Leaders unite at Mental Health Conference

The Coloring Mental Health Collective announced a partnership with the Donny Hathaway Legacy Project to help bring about awareness to the mental health issues, wellness, domestic abuse and violence in black and brown communities. The two organizations join forces along with key partners, sponsors, thought leaders, youth, local and renowned artist to launch the 2016 Coloring Mental Health Collective Symposium and concert on September 9th-10th 2016, in Chicago, IL. For more information about this event you can log onto

The CMHC team will be accompanied by community leaders, key practitioners and everyday people from Chicago and abroad. The conference will kick off that Friday evening at 7PM with “An Evening of Jazz, Neo-Soul and Gospel” concert honoring the music legacy of Chicago’s own Donny Hathaway. The focus of the 2nd annual event is aimed at addressing the mental health conditions of the black and brown communities that are mainly caused by the pain and suffering due to social injustices. A portion of proceeds from these events will go towards a fund supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

“I am so excited and honored to be a part of bringing Chicago a concert experience that will bring healing and freedom to the minds of our Black & Brown communities. For too long we have been silent when it comes to the deep issues surrounding Mental Health in our communities. Now is the time to be vulnerable and open ourselves up to the inner truth that we so easily hide from. What better place than to have it in this great city of Chicago!” says… Andre Dennis, Concert Producer / CMHC VP of Business Development and Strategic Relations

“The concert and symposium also carries on the legacy of Chicago’s very own legendary soul singer and activist Donny Hathaway and family to address these issues in the black and brown communities. “The Donny Hathaway Legacy Project has been a dream of mine since I was 18 years old. I have wanted to see my father honored like legends before him for years. I have also longed to see Mental Health addressed in the Black & Creative Arts community.  I’m excited that this dream will now be a reality!”  says… Donnita Hathaway, DHLP Founder

The subject matter of mental health issues due to social injustices have been long overdue according to many minority community leaders. CMHC and DHLP are leading this charge to change our communities.

“Black & Brown communities need healing and liberation. The 2016 Coloring Mental Health Collective (CMHC) symposium unapologetically aims to meet that need. We’re about improving the future for Black and Brown people. Too often grassroots organizers, scholars, clergy, clinicians and musicians have separate conversations. The CMHC symposium brings all of these groups together for a remarkable community organizing experience.  We look forward to seeing you there!” says… Rev. Nicholas Grier, CMHC Founder and Managing Director.

CMHC Mission

Coloring Mental Health Collective (CMHC) advocates for the mental wellness of Black and Brown people; it also seeks to dismantle oppressive ideologies and behaviors that cause emotional suffering. CMHC does this through innovation and creativity to foster safe and transformative spaces for communities to dialogue, imagine and re-image, and create a new future for Black and Brown people to more full embody healing, freedom, and life-giving relationships.

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