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To stop the cycle of poverty, we need to invest in mothers

By Chris Stewart,

The state of Louisiana and our nation must do more to provide economic security, not mere subsistence, to women often bearing the brunt of responsibility for keeping families afloat.

Traveling back to New Orleans, my birthplace and where I spent all of my years growing up, always brings me to a realization that, while change is happening in this great city, time seems to stand still for those who need change the most. It’s an area where ― although measures are being put in place for some to thrive ― families living in poverty continue to yearn for the basic necessities of life: a quality education, safe communities, affordable housing and the means by which one can attain all three.

Standing at the root of these families is typically a woman. A mom. A warrior. A “she-ro” who is tired and, yet, continues to press on for her family and her community, because if she doesn’t, she knows no one else will.


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