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…we face a difficult truth. In life, there are certain rules that govern what happens to people in a society. These unspoken, but immutable, principles cannot be circumvented. In the Black community in the United States, and actually elsewhere, there are key activities that are keeping the Black community from progressing at a faster pace than is currently evident.

Make no mistake, there are Black people who are making incredible strides, outpacing people from all persuasions. They have discovered the secret of how to create their own world. But too many others still don’t understand the collective social bargaining and behavior modification that must be understood and demonstrated if the Black community is to progress as a group. One of the most fundamental truths that must be comprehended is that no oppressor can conquer a people without the direct help of members of the oppressed group! It is just not possible!!!

Oppressors, in order to be successful, must have an inroad into a culture before they can conquer it, and this can only be provided by members of the oppressed group! Think about all of the failed coups among Blacks all around the world…all of the conquerors had to have the assistance of Black traitors. Yet, many people just casually brush off this fact and pretend that it is not a key ingredient in the equation of liberation.

What people tend to do is focus OUTSIDE OF THE COMMUNITY and ignore the elephant in the room within. This basically guarantees that the community as a whole will continue to be led down the wrong paths and will continue to fight the outside while ignoring the enemy on the inside who is making the oppression possible! Slavery was a key example. But if this is acknowledged, it might compromise the move toward reparations. It’s also happening in Black communities all over the country in the realms of sex and organ trafficking. Our children are being snatched from everywhere using every kind of ruse, and many of the culprits are Black people. But we ignore this…we’d rather focus on the idea of white supremacy. In fact, the act of blaming every ill in the Black community on white supremacy is a perfect demonstration of white supremacy in action!!!

The notion that enemies from within can cause the downfall of the community as a whole does not mean that we should imitate those who prey on and murder other Blacks by doing the same thing to them. In other words, vigilantism is not the answer…violence begets violence. What has to happen is a change in the narrative…we have to begin talking the truth that we want to manifest! We must publicly acknowledge that our people, Black people, are not perfect and that some of us do, indeed, make it impossible for the community to be successful.

One of the most obvious and patently ridiculous demonstrations of the enemy within that is shaping Black culture is art; more specifically, Gangsta’ Rap. Art is powerful; it influences people on a subconscious level, creating visual and auditory memes that influence behavior. It is absolutely laughable, if it weren’t so sad, that people lament the plight of Black men, when they are the ones constantly rapping about killing each other, killing and disrespecting women, and are nihilistically embracing everything BUT those things that would build up a community. (There are, of course, exceptions).

As a community, we are like cultural ostriches who refuse to acknowledge what we are doing to ourselves. The sad thing is that we will not see positive changes happen until we do something about this enemy lurking in plain sight! It is one enemy that we can address without theoretically putting people in danger. Black Gangsta rappers come from Black families. The Black community is raising Black enemies of the Black state, yet naively believes that conditions will change without doing something about them.

If we think we can focus on one side of a problem, i.e., white supremacy, and ignore the enemy within who is actually a malevolent counterpart, we will never, ever see success as a community. We will, however, continue to see successes one person at a time among those who refuse to drink the Kool-Aid of defeat and believe that change can occur if they apply the laws of success in their lives without becoming traitors. Once they outnumber the laggards, a critical mass might shape a positive Black future. A Luta Continua.

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