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The History Channel is currently airing a series entitled America’s War on Drugs. Incredible things are being revealed, some which have been circulating among conspiracy theorists for years. As Americans, we would prefer to think that our country would not be involved in corrupt activities that would result in the deaths of thousands, and perhaps, millions of U.S. citizens. But it happened.

It is being revealed that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) initiated the crack epidemic which targeted the Black community. Allegedly, this was done under the guise of fighting communism, and was thought to be a case where the ends justify the means.

The fact that this secret initiative is surfacing and is seen to be true should cause us to look at other so-called conspiracy theories targeting Black people. One of the most obvious of these appears to be an attack on Black people by the police. It is becoming rather ridiculous and hard to deny that things are getting out of hand.

In a recent decision, the Minneapolis police officer who shot to death Philando Castile was let off the hook. Castile, a young Black man who was reportedly a role model to many youth, was shot and killed in front of his girlfriend and her then four-year-old daughter during a routine traffic stop. Castile had a registered firearm and tried to tell the policeman that he had a gun, not because he planned to use it, but because he wanted to let the officer know so that he wouldn’t jump to conclusions. It didn’t help, however.

The officer shot and killed him without provocation. Fortunately, Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, filmed the incident and it went viral. Castile’s mom has been blowing up social media with anguished rants about what happened. She said that her son loved Minnesota and that it killed him.

A list of Black people openly murdered by the police without consequences is tragically, growing. Shortly after the Castile verdict, a 34-year-old pregnant African American woman in Seattle, Washington was killed by police she had called to her home to report a burglary. She had a knife, which apparently was justification for the police to take her life. They knew that she had a history of mental problems, but chose to use a lethal weapon rather than a Taser or other nonlethal options.

Consequently, there is a very real fear of the police hovering over the Black community, and this fear does not appear to be unfounded.

It can always be said that there are two sides to every story. One excuse seeming to bubble up amidst the current murder-by-the-police mayhem is the notion that the police are afraid for their lives; that they are afraid of Black people. This could be seen as a feasible assertion, given the high numbers of Blacks killed by other Blacks. But there is a contradiction here; if they are so afraid of Blacks because of Black-on-Black violence, then why are they afraid since they have not traditionally been targeted?

The fact of the matter is that Black people have been under siege for years in America, long before the current Black-on-Black crime escalation. Lynchings were a very real fact of life, and it has been known for a long time that the powers that be were in cahoots with the cretins who carried out these dastardly deeds. Some police departments of today might as well be the lynchers of yesterday only they are using guns instead of ropes.

These are very dark days in the African American community, and they threaten to become even darker if those on the side of righteousness, both Black and white, don’t rise to the occasion, to combat the creeping evil that is threatening to engulf America. The bigots do not know that it is not possible to destroy a race of people, or a religion, without adversely impacting the entire country. Wise people know this. If ever there was a time for unity in the community, it is now. The murders of Black people by the police and by other Black people must cease and desist, NOW! A luta continua.

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