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The Truth Matters-Retraction/Correction

In an article that was published on June 26, 2021, and titled “The True Cost of Policing: What is the true cost of the Chicago Police Department’s $1.7 billion budget,” a Chicago Crusader freelance writer named Patrick Forrest plagiarized substantial elements from a South Side Weekly article titled “Lightfoot Quietly Lobbied for Qualified Immunity,” which was written by South Side Weekly political editor Jim Daley and published in their publication on May 6, 2021.

Jim Daley was not given proper credit for his reporting, and plagiarism is something we at the Chicago Crusader take very seriously and do not under any circumstances tolerate.

We sincerely apologize to South Side Weekly, and our readers and colleagues at other publications, and we are taking appropriate measures to prevent something this egregious from occurring in the future. A first step in this commitment is the fact that Patrick Forrest will no longer be writing for the Chicago Crusader.

The Chicago Crusader appreciates and respects our readers, colleagues and advertisers who have supported and/or collaborated with us during the past 81 years. We also appreciate our staff members who continue to work hard today and are, as well, committed to providing excellent and trustworthy reporting in the years to come.

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