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The State of the Union is deplorable and yet we are not discouraged

By Vernon A. Williams, Gary Crusader

I wrote this STATE OF THE UNION column hours before the babble of the incumbent was read from a teleprompter before a disgraceful collection of individuals commonly referred to collectively as Congress.

It is so clear that no speech was necessary. What could he possibly say to make a difference, other than offer his resignation or make a plea deal with the special prosecutor who has so much evidence of Obstruction of Justice that his legislative minions have orchestrated complete upheaval of the FBI and Department of Justice.

The State of this Union is such that giants of entertainment, industry, media, education and institutions around this country are being adjudicated in the court of public opinion by #MeToo and #Time’sUp. Yet there is a leader of this country who when asked about this issue felt compelled to justify support for women saying he also supports men.

Duh? That’s the stupid mentality derived from reducing BlackLivesMatter to AllLivesMatter because you are too cowardly to confess that you could not care less about African American citizens. The same is true for one who practices misogyny as frequently as his golf swing.

We live in an America that defiles and dishonors law enforcement and intelligence in the United States while embracing and making excuses for Russian intervention as the chief executive refuses to implement punitive measures voted on by Congress for interference in the 2016 election. There is more respect for Putin than sacred U.S. tradition and interests.

The State of the Union is an atmosphere that applauds a tax bill that makes the rich richer – that insures their cuts from 35 percent to 21 percent into perpetuity but only offers relief for working people to last a few years before requiring additional review. That poor people hurt by it most are also among the 35 percent loyal to 45, is an enigma.

The State of the Union is such that we have people appointed to protect our environment bent on destroying it in the name of profit. We have someone in charge of education who disables public schools and makes higher learning inaccessible. We have a housing and urban development secretary who can’t even explain responsibilities of his agency much less any concrete plans.

Providing the “fake news” mantra as an enabler for autocratic leadership around the world, the international status of the United States has been lowered in the past century. Our leadership is a laughingstock in the global view as we see allies alienated and traditional adversaries provided unprecedented acceptance and respect.

Health concerns are non-existent as this administration is prepared to watch millions go uncovered – risking illness and death – because of a determination to abandon every remnant of his predecessor, President Obama. The economy is a false boast, illegitimately claiming credit for achievements under the previous president. Record jumps in the stock market only validate the fact that this is the administration of the wealthy. Few minimum wage employees have stocks and bonds.

Last, but not least, is the elephant in the room. Race. The State of the Union is as divided in terms of racial matters as it has been since slavery. The “Make America White Again” movement is plowing ahead with reckless abandon.

Every day, there is a new story of contempt shown a person or persons of color. National leadership is mum on the subject. Police brutality videos no longer make the news. Slurs and horribly offensive language as well as disrespectful inference aimed at people of color have become commonplace among educators, soldiers, students, law enforcement, elected officials, businesspeople, even clergy.

The State of the Union is weak, divided, unprincipled, predatory, unstable and mean. It was easy to write this prior to the speech because the truth is the light.

The larger question becomes, what are we going to do about it?

I may be one of the few people who really believe that 2018 is going to be a great year. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to build the future on a sound foundation. That is what this country has done. Between now and November, people of all races and persuasions will demonstrate that this is still a country in which majority rules. There are more loving than hateful people in this great nation. Period.

It will not happen on its own. People will organize, commit, form unprecedented alliances and rid our democracy of those who would disparage those seeking freedom and justice. There are more Americans inclined to do what is right than wrong. I really believe that.

The State of the Union may be devastating right now but remember always that God is on our side. I have never seen the righteous forsaken.

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