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By Chuck Hughes

Executive Director

Gary Chamber of Commerce

Prior to the raucous, contentious Presidential primary elections, the Gary Chamber of Commerce launched the Community Civility Counts initiative, a campaign to encourage civil actions, discourse and interaction. Witnessing the shameful events that have since transpired in Government and as a result of those actions, no one can argue that Civility Counts was an idea ahead of its time.

On Monday June 12, 2017, The Gary Police Chief and the Gary Fire Chief were the speakers at the Gary Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon. Part of the take away from their address was how to respond and react to any crisis situation, particularly one involving an active shooter. The two Chiefs provided several potentially life saving tips.

On Wednesday June 14, 2017, a shooter in Virginia took aim at civilians, police officers and astonishingly, members of Congress. We are in a nation and world where situations like this can occur at any time, or place, and to any one of us.

We applaud the accessibility of the Gary Fire and Police Chiefs. We also are imploring the public to be mindful of the information provided to you. The Gary Chamber of Commerce will continue to support the business community and citizens at large in every way, including an expanded public safety session that will reach more people, teach more people, and by design, save more lives.

We will continue to support our business community, and attract new businesses and help to ensure their success. But when it is all said and done, the true bottom line is to make sure that we are protected and that public safety remains a top priority. Be well.


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