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‘The Pebble And The Boy’ is British film with a universal message

Inspired by Mod culture and following its success in UK theaters, the comedy-drama, “The Pebble And The Boy,” will be released on digital platforms in the U.S. and Canada on November 16.

A boy, his dad’s ashes and a Lambretta scooter: John (Patrick McNamee) embarks on a journey from Manchester, England, to Brighton, the spiritual home of the Mods, to scatter his late father’s ashes. The film features tracks from Paul Weller, The Jam, The Style Council, Secret Affair and The Chords. The title of the film is taken from the final track on Weller’s eighth studio album, “As Is Now.”

“’Pebble’ is a British road movie with a big heart. Director and writer Chris Green lives and breathes everything Mod – and that really shows. From the music, the fashion and the scooters, he gives the audience a glimpse into his world.” – Lightbulb’s Sales & Acquisitions Director, Peter Thompson.

I really enjoyed this movie, since I often adore most things British. Given this, I went down the rabbit hole to learn a bit more. In an online article in “The Manual,” I found the following: Mod or mods: Two things here. “Mods” as describing a rider is a British term for someone who rides a scooter, usually as part of a club. A sharp sense of style and a sweet customized Vespa or Lambretta scooter are required. Mods often fought with their motorcycle-riding enemies, the Rockers. “Mod” or “mods,” as it applies to machinery, is another way of saying you’ve customized (modified) something on your bike. Usage: “This old Gixxer works pretty good, but I’ve got some mods in mind to bring it up to speed.”

PATRICK MCNAMEE AND Sasha Parkinson star in the British road trip, “The Pebble And The Boy.” (Photos by Lightbulb Film Distribution)

John’s father was a part of the Mod culture, and the scooter and his ride to Brighton are the focus of this delightful road film. Nicki, played by Sasha Parkinson, and John travel together on a long trip, with John riding his father’s beautiful scooter, which he is sometimes ill equipped to operate.

They run into sweet moments, as well as some bittersweet moments, on their journey, with John one time or another ambivalent and ready to just chuck it all. Nicki is a delight in her support of John, even when the going gets rough. John is bullied by a group of guys who attempt to steal his scooter—because it is a beauty.

Running out of funds, they visit a family friend, but are only given assistance if the son is allowed to travel with them. The annoying son turns out to be a pain in the butt, but he is also the key to one of the bittersweet moments revealed in the film.

NICKI AND JOHN have an intimate chat
NICKI AND JOHN have an intimate chat after they finally arrive in Brighton.

John finds favor from associates of his father when he reaches Brighton, and the emotional trip teaches him valuable lessons. Finally, he is a bit more mellow and is able to disperse of his father’s ashes with dignity and a clearer mind.

Take a look at the trailer: THE PEBBLE AND THE BOY | TRAILER | IN UK CINEMAS AUGUST 27 – YouTube.

The film features eccentric clothing and an electric soundtrack, including The Jam, Style Council, Paul Weller and more. It was written and directed by Chris Green (“Me, Myself and Di”) and stars Patrick McNamee (“Our Girl”), Sacha Parkinson (“Coronation Street”), Max Boast (“Sex Education”), Patsy Kensit (“Lethal Weapon 2” and “Shelter Island”), Ricci Harnett (“Rise of the Footsoldier”) and Jesse Birdsall (“Hollyoaks”).

Look for it on Apple TV and other streaming sites.

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