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The New 411: Dutty Mon

By Raymond Ward, Chicago Crusader

DUTTY MON: Grammy Award-winning rapper Sean Paul has selected some of his favorite tracks for a new compilation that highlights many of his biggest hits, including the #1 and crowd-pleasing smashes, “Get Busy,” “Temperature” and “Baby Boy.”

The DUTTY CLASSICS COLLECTION will be available on June 2nd from Rhino Records and that same day the music will also be available as a digital download and on streaming services.

The 18 tracks of the DUTTY CLASSICS COLLECTION follow Paul’s career with music from all six of his studio albums: Stage One (2000), Dutty Rock (2002), The Trinity (2005), Imperial Blaze (2009), Tomahawk Technique (2012) and Full Frequency (2014).

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Sean Paul made his debut in 1998 with “Top Shotter” – his collaboration with DMX and Mr. Vegas. The song appeared on the soundtrack for the film Belly, in which Paul also made a brief cameo appearance. Naturally, the track is included on this new collection.

Two years after the film, Paul released his debut album Stage One. It introduced fans to his distinctive lyrical flow and irresistible dancehall rythmns on songs like “Deport Dem” and “Infiltrate.” The album climbed to #2 on the Rap Charts, but it was his follow-up, Dutty Rock, that proved to be the artist’s commercial breakthrough. A top 10 smash on U.S. album charts, it sold more than six million copies worldwide thanks to the success of the #1 hits “Get Busy” and “Baby Boy,” which features Beyoncé. In 2014, Paul was nominated for three Grammys: Best New Artist, Best Rap Solo Performance, and he won the award for Best Reggae Album.

Critical acclaim continued with Paul’s next three releases – Imperial Blaze, Tomahawk Technique and Full Frequency – which were nominated for the Best Reggae Album Grammy in 2010, 2013 and 2015 respectively. Songs from those albums on the DUTTY CLASSICS COLLECTION include “So Fine” and “She Doesn’t Mind” as well as “Entertainment 2.0” which features guest artists Nicki Minaj, Juicy J and 2 Chainz.

So, on June 2nd I want you to pick up a copy of the DUTTY CLASSICS COLLECTION, make some jerk chicken and rice & peas and pretend that you’re on vacation in Jamaica. Can you do that?…yeah Mon!

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