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Severe drought, increasing storms, rising coastlines, and the specter of the dire prophecy of the world’s future are just a few clues that climate change is happening. Terrible droughts have driven populations into areas with unpleasant repercussions; there will be water wars.

A few people, you might count Elon Musk among them, have plans to exit the planet to become what Musk calls “a multi-planet species.” He is implying that we should not be tied to a planet that might be doomed.

In their move to reject climate change, some Republicans are rejecting the science of its reality. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they resist the idea that climate change is happening, and have opposed legislation that would help offset its consequences.

It might be argued that this situation is the result of the dumbing down of America. Those who are denying climate change are probably rubbing shoulders with those who refuse to believe that the Earth is round. When willful ignorance dominates, there is no convincing a person of the reality of anything else if their mind is set against it, especially if they are indoctrinated with toxic Republican Party propaganda.

An online Rolling Stone article titled “Why Republicans still reject the science of climate change” written by Andy Kroll, describes an encounter with a Republican legislator. Henry Waxman, the Democratic congressman representing Santa Monica and Malibu, approached one of his Republican counterparts, a Texan named Joe Barton, about collaborating on legislation that would address the climate change issue. Waxman recalls Barton asking “why he should work on a solution for a problem he didn’t believe existed.”

According to the article, Waxman said “It has always been amazing to me that the Republicans as a party have taken the view that climate change, if it even exists, is not caused by man-made pollutants, and it’s not really much of a problem.” Waxman continues, “It’s an open hostility to science and evidence and facts that are becoming more and more undeniable.”

What kind of proof would a person need to be convinced that something very serious is happening to the planet and that climate change is the likely culprit? And even if the argument is given that climate change is not caused by human behavior, it does not follow that we should remain passive in its escalation.

The Rolling Stone article further states “Every month of this year set a new record for the hottest monthly average global temperature in history. Fifteen of the 16 hottest years ever recorded have occurred in the 21st century.

“The facts are at our doorstep in the form of drought-fueled wildfires ravaging Southern California; rising sea levels in New York, Norfolk, Virginia, and Miami Beach; melting glaciers in Alaska; (and) bleached coral reefs in the Virgin Islands. We’ve reached the point where the planet’s warming, and the extreme weather it causes, is outpacing the very models scientists use to predict the future.”

Wow…how scary is this? The views expressed by some informed observers project the belief that life on Earth will become almost impossible in a few decades, yet Republicans recently opposed legislation that would help mitigate the problem. This makes them dangerous.

Not only are they spreading propaganda about a stolen election, they are influencing people to believe ridiculous ideas that will ultimately backfire not only on them, but on humanity as a whole!

One of the problems that African Americans face is the burden of being distracted by issues of racism and additional forms of abuse in America while faced with other pressing problems. Republicans are also playing into that scenario.

While the toxic environment created by them stirs up racial hatred and division manifested in voter suppression and the thwarting of democratic principles, a focus on the dangers of climate change is pushed into the background. The result is that scant attention is given to climate change by many Black folks because they are preoccupied with Republican nonsense.

What we all need to do is develop an ability to multi-task; Black people need to address the evils that afflict the community while, at the same time, give attention to what’s happening to the planet as a whole.

Climate change impacts us all; we won’t have to worry about racism if the planet becomes uninhabitable! A Luta Continua.

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