Black Americans are being bamboozled! There has been a wall of erroneous perception, an Invisible Black Wall, blocking African Americans from being able to view the true state of our affairs as a people. What happens is that an idea is circulated and becomes a meme. Usually, a meme takes on a life of its own, until in the minds of some it becomes “truth.”

The biggest meme in the Black community is that we are powerless and that we don’t have resources. This idea is so entrenched in the thinking of many Black citizens that it has become synonymous with Black people, and some are surprised when they come upon someone who does not fit the impoverished, downtrodden stereotype. There are those African Americans who, when confronted with evidence to the contrary, make up excuses for why this isn’t so.

For example, a speaker was presenting to a group of African Americans and told them that everywhere they went, to high-end restaurants, stores, events, etc., there were Black people present. The people in the audience rejected the notion that Black people had resources and opined that they were just “fronting.” That is a ludicrous notion, because everyone everywhere is not fronting; and who for? The phenomenon is too widespread for everyone everywhere to put on a show for people that they don’t know.

Now, of course it must be said that there ARE a lot of Black people in dire straits: unemployment is high, and poverty lurks around every corner, and this is especially true in this age of COVID-19. But for the most part, the traditional poverty is a psychological poverty, which is a precursor to physical poverty.

Barring extreme circumstances, it is possible for a person to escape poverty in America if a person applies himself or herself. It is true, however, that there will always be those who need extra help, and that is where the community comes in. The problem is that the community has been sabotaged by a lack of trust generated by crime and Black-on-Black violence, along with that Invisible Black Wall that says Blacks are poor and impoverished and without power.

Think about this: the Black community in America generates more than a trillion dollars a year!!! The problem is that it is not adequately used and re-circulated in Black communities.

This situation is also apparent on the African continent where there are vast resources, but which are not adequately used. Some selfish leaders are in economic bed with neo-colonizers and western corporations and are not being the stewards of wealth that could help bring the continent up from the economic doldrums. But this is a digression.

New ideas in science are showing that our minds have the power to bring into being whatever it is focused on. In other words, we create our circumstances based on holding ideas and working toward realization on a consistent basis. Actually, the scientists have caught up with the mystics who have been saying this for millennia. The trick is to get people to believe this truth.

There are those who have a vested interest in keeping Black people in the dark regarding the awesome power they possess. In this way they can be conquered through division. People are given propaganda that encourages them to believe that they are non-achievers and, because of repetition, they dig themselves into a rut with this belief from which it is difficult to escape.

The truth is that Black people in America are exceeding in every field of endeavor in spite of white supremacy and oppression. There are millionaires AND billionaires.

One observer pointed to Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump and said that Kanye just needed some money which is why he was supporting Trump. But the person was working from an erroneous notion: Kanye West is richer than Trump! Because of the old poverty trope, however, the person just automatically assumed that the young African American artist/entrepreneur was coming from a positon of economic weakness.

We have a lot of rich people and a lot of resources. The main challenge we face as a community is the effective utilization of these resources and the will to pool them in an effective manner. If we do this, we can surmount any obstacle and dissolve that Invisible Black Wall in order to see truth and rise to great heights. A Luta Continua.

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