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The Hypocrisy of American Independence Day


The Fourth of July is a public holiday that celebrates the liberation of the original colonies from domination by the British. It has come to be known as Independence Day. It resulted from the fact that people banded together to fight for their liberation.

As people grow in consciousness, they begin to understand the broader implications of the traditions they blindly followed through the years. In this regard, Black people have started to decipher the meaning behind certain verses in the national anthem wherein there were disparaging words about the slaves. And today, the understanding of the fact that Juneteenth actually resulted in a freeing event two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, brings home some sobering truths about the lengths some white Americans would go to preserve their power.

Today, it is ironic that “Independence Day” will be celebrated during a time when the Supreme Court of the United States is endeavoring to set women back to potentially pre-suffragist days. Roe vs Wade, the landmark legislation that endured almost 50 years, was recently overturned, paving the way for the slippage of gains in women’s rights to choose what happens to their bodies.

The SCOTUS Justices who made this travesty possible were individuals who literally misled the country during their vetting processes by giving the impression that they would behave impartially when it came to issues like Roe vs Wade. Most people knew at the time that they were probably prevaricating, but people turned a blind eye hoping for the best.

It is ironic that two of the Justices in favor of Roe vs Wade’s demise ascended to the SCOTUS under thick clouds of impropriety connected with alleged sexual misconduct. Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Brett Kavanagh both had strong accusations leveled at them during their confirmation hearings. As it now turns out, they are indeed individuals who have demonstrated a lack of morality, and yet they conspired to take away women’s rights to the control over their own bodies. This is what the abortion fight is really about.

Ironically, the Justice with the most historical baggage regarding the issue of human rights is Clarence Thomas. He seems to be the one demonstrating the most animosity to the notion of personal freedoms, and in fact, targets Blacks and other minorities with thinly veiled enthusiasm. It has been pointed out by a number of observers that there was a time when Justice Thomas would not be allowed the spouse that he now has; a white woman. This doesn’t seem to faze him, as he now sets his sights on the elimination of marriage equality, the use of contraception, and other “liberal” gains.

As we embark upon Independence Day 2022, it is imperative that people call attention to the hypocrisy demonstrated by a country that allegedly holds freedoms dear, the platform upon which the nation was allegedly built. Of course, we know that is not actually true, since America would not have the gains that it acquired had it not been for the institution of slavery! Imagine: declaring freedom from Britain while holding Black people as slaves.

And for those who say that they have no relatives living now who participated in the slave trade, think again. America would not be as prosperous as it is had it not utilized free labor for 246 years and snatched land from the indigenous people!

Today, the fight for freedom continues unabated as a cadre of reprobate, quasi-Neanderthals seeks to impose their might in the elimination of the rights of American citizens. Those most endangered include women, LGBTQ individuals, and Black people. So, for those who smugly look at the abortion issue and say “women should be more responsible when having sex,” think on this: today women are threatened, tomorrow it will be Black Lives Matter, Marriage Equality, people who want to use contraception, and others on the margins. Ultimately, almost everyone except white males, who have managed to evade responsibility for most of their violent actions, will be subjected to unfair control. This while they oppose a woman’s right to choose and endorsing the sale of assault weapons that kill children. So much for being “pro-life!” This is blatant hypocrisy!

With this said, have a safe holiday, but don’t forget that freedom for some should be freedom for ALL. Let your feelings be known in November at the ballot box! A Luta Continua.

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