There is a question that is sometimes asked about the concept of evil: “Does evil really exist?” As regular people go about the business of living life and attempting to make a decent imprint on the planet, it is easy for them to invest in so much trust that they don’t believe that there are actually people who really have a different, darker view of life. However, just as every concept has its opposite, in order for good to exist the concept of evil must also exist, so the answer is yes, evil does exist. One of the best tools from the toolkit of those who express an evil character is that of deception. The “Devil is a liar” can be heard said by many people, but somehow, we believe that everyone is innately good and it’s just that their view of life differs from our own.

As sad as it may be, there are actually those who have evil intentions living among us. How else can we explain an elected official opposing the teaching of slavery in America so that people will not understand their history? How else can we explain an individual driving his car into a group of peaceful protesters with the intent to kill? How else can we explain people in the bygone days standing around having pleasant conversations while a Black man or woman breathes their last breath while swinging at the end of a rope? How can we justify a 14-year-old Black boy being beaten, killed and mutilated beyond recognition because he was accused of whistling at a white woman? How else can we justify the institution of chattel slavery?

In America today, we are experiencing a pandemic that is threatening to unravel the very fabric of America. We have people at the helm of our nation who are poised to take advantage of the suffering experienced by regular Americans for their own benefit. People are serious about sending our children and teachers back to schools in a situation that could result in certain death for a great number of people. In addition, the unemployment benefits of Americans displaced by the pandemic are allegedly opposed by some elected officials. And while this is happening, Social Security, according to some observers, is being threatened during a time when it is most needed.

Anything that separates people and causes harm based on the assumption that some are better than others and therefore deserve more resources and consideration, is evil. In order to perpetuate the dastardly deed of social separation, the tool of psychological judo is utilized. It is the best strategic method of deception wielded by those who want to divide and conquer.

The dance of racism vs. white supremacy ensures that people will continue to tear at each other’s throats while those behind the scenes are gleefully pulling the strings of the skirmish. In other words, everyone is being played, but because of the strategy of everyone being identified as the “other,” it becomes difficult to see what is actually happening. While white supremacists and victims of racism go at each other, the captains of industry are behind the scenes becoming wealthier seemingly by the minute.

There is an African proverb that says when two elephants are fighting, only the ground suffers. In this regard, America is the ground and American people are the puppets in this dance of orchestrated doom. The American people are being played like a fiddle while fake news continues to circulate creating huge confusion as we allow the strength of our differences to work against us. In the end we could all possibly lose due to psychological judo, i.e., the use of our weaknesses against ourselves.

The truth of the matter is that America, though it has always had its flaws, basically because it is administered by flawed human beings, it has had one of the best designs for government that exists in the modern world, if its tenets are truly embraced. But greedy, rich and powerful people who are benefitting from the chaos that we are experiencing have been able to convince us that some people are “better” than others, with the result of people being drawn into an evil maelstrom of political degradation. Let’s hope enough “democracy” exists by the time of the November elections to make things better. But to do this, we must recognize the evil of greed and corruption that is seemingly bent on hijacking America and evict it from the premises. We must VOTE like our lives depend upon it because they do!!! A Luta Continua.

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