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The Christmas Season is upon us once again, and people are gearing up to celebrate one of the most anticipated holiday periods of the year. It has become known as a time to give and receive gifts. It is also a season of love. What people don’t usually realize is that there are esoteric reasons for these traditions.

It has become popular to debunk Christianity, and by extension, Christmas, an ultimate Christian holiday, due to the misuse and misunderstanding of the esoteric aspects of the holiday. The current anti-Black climate that seems to be prominent among the white Christian right is lending fuel to a reason to debunk Christianity. Along with this, the rampant materialism that has become identified with the season is also off-putting to many people.

First off, Christmas is said to honor the birth of Jesus, the Christ, who was allegedly born during this season. In fact, a number of traditions celebrate this special time of year, including the Winter Solstice celebrated by Wiccans; Hanukkah observed in Judaism; and more recently, Kwanzaa, First Fruits, celebrated as an African American holiday.

Technically, Christmas can be said to be the observance of Christ’s Mass. The most basic belief in the Catholic Church is the idea that through the death and resurrection of Jesus, people who have sinned can be reconciled with God and are able to access salvation and the promise of eternal life. The Catholic Mass, celebrated in three forms, lends itself to this tradition. (Protestants broke away from the Catholic Church and, in that regard, can be considered as hybrid Christians).

Let’s look at the secular celebration of the season. Santa Claus is said to have an all-seeing eye in which he can see all of our good and bad deeds. Children (of all ages) are eligible to receive the gifts that they desire when they are “good.” Other symbolism involves Christmas trees, which are evergreen. The trees are decorated with ornaments, symbolizing our good deeds. In some traditions, children who do not behave are supposedly given lumps of coal instead of their heart’s desires.

When considering these ideas, hidden meanings can be derived when examining the various elements. The “Christ” is the hidden principle inherent in the deepest part of human beings, i.e., the highest diamond-like crystalline form of spirit. It represents our inner spiritual core located in our hearts (love), and is linked with our divine nature. The Christmas tree is evergreen, and symbolizes the eternal life that awaits those who are able to access their Christ natures. Santa, or the “saint” archetype, honors our inherent goodness, i.e., “godness,” and it is on this frequency of existence that goodness resides, and hence, we are able to acquire our greatest gifts through touching bases with our higher selves anchored in love, i.e., our hearts.

It is interesting that Christmas is sometimes abbreviated and spelled with an “X”- Xmas. This can be seen to symbolize the idea that Christ had to be “crucified” on a cross (of matter) before becoming eligible for salvation. Our trials and tribulations (no cross, no crown) can bring out the best in us if we have the right attitude. In other words, diamonds are created under pressure; they start out as coal (that Santa gives to naughty children) that must be transformed if we are to realize our full spiritual potential.

These ideas may sound fanciful to the uninitiated, but it is true that the term “Christ” is a title, and that Jesus became the Christ when he was baptized. Jesus also said that the things he could do, we can do, and even better. In other words, Jesus, the Christ, represents an archetypal humanity into which we can all evolve if we honor the tenets of love.

One more thing – for those Black people who eschew Christianity, it might be feasible to understand that Jesus, along with most of the other characters in the Bible, was probably Black. In that regard it might be folly to reject a spiritually viable pathway to evolution because right wing spiritually backward racists misinterpret the true meaning of the creed. They are the ones who will most likely be in for a rude awakening when the smoke clears!  With that said, the Crusader wishes for you and yours a spiritually satisfying Christmas holiday! A Luta Continua.

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