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As above, So below. This is a well-known maxim familiar to proponents of Hermetic philosophy. Basically, it means that whatever takes place on one level also has its counterpart on another. In the world of science or economics we talk about the macrocosm and the microcosm. Drawing from this, it is said that the character of a CEO or president of a corporation sets the tone for the workers in the organization. If the CEO is an alcoholic, the people subjected to him or her will demonstrate a skewed agency mindset. This concept can also be seen in a nation. If the head of a nation is unrealistic, petty, vindictive and/or unfair, this mindset will find its way into the interactions of people subjected to this leadership. This is where we are today in the United States of America. President Donald Trump, the well-known former host of a reality show that featured frequent firings of contenders (The Apprentice) has somehow turned the White House into a reality show firing marathon. The most recent example was the firing of media chief Anthony Scaramucci after only a few days on the job.

It is apparent that there is a lot of chaos in the White House. President Trump has denied this, but the obvious is apparent, if the hiring, firing, and infighting are an indication.  Donald Trump slid into office on a slide of hatred and schism which is continuing to play out in his administration.  Under his administration, this country has become even more divided than it was when there was a white backlash against Barack Obama’s presidency. On many levels, the American people seem to be growing increasingly angry. It is manifested in the bold hatred demonstrated by police who seem entitled to murder and mistreat minorities and others. It can also be seen in the increasing numbers of murders that are taking place in African American communities, and in the open hostility that comes from white people who are inclined toward bigoted actions. Haters on all levels are becoming more emboldened, and this can be seen very readily on social media in the form of what are called trolls. These trolls inject hatred into any social media conversation, and are a really good barometer of the disaffection extant in the country.

Actually, this anger construct is global in nature, with the nuclear pissing contest between North Korea and the rest of the world as an example. The most frightening revelation is that recently, the North Koreans have demonstrated the capability of reaching mainland United States with their Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM). This does not bode well for ALL life on Earth if some type of diplomatic intervention does not take place.

Closer to home, one of the saddest examples of the growing tentacles of hatred can be seen in the African American community. Probably because of the stress of having over 70% of Black children being raised in impoverished single parent households, anger is seeping throughout the community. It is routine to see women verbally abusing their children in public. They call them vile names that no doubt cause the self-esteem of their progeny to sink into the toilet. Consequently, children as young as six years old, according to recent reports, have been known to rob people. This is a scary state of affairs, and underscores the need for social cohesion and wisdom. But we seem to be losing ground in this regard.

Due to this anger, there is a consequent erosion of confidence in human institutions and in spiritual platforms because of a lack of fidelity and morality demonstrated by predatory corporate, religious and political entities. As a result there is a descent into apostasy, i.e., the abandonment or renunciation of a religious or political belief. Fundamentally, we are all stuck together on this little blue-green ball called Earth. The toxic anger that we are experiencing has no particular color, race or creed. At the rate that we seem to be going, if something is not done soon to curtail this widening anger gap, the inevitable result will be total schism, i.e., sociological, apocalyptic cataclysm. A luta continua.


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