Everyone has been lamenting how difficult the year 2020 has been and folks are looking forward to the New Year. Though this is understandable, there is no guarantee that the upcoming year will be better than the preceding one. In fact, it stands to get worse if we don’t resolve to look the bogeyman in the eye and face facts, nothing will change until we change it!!!

It should be apparent that anyone with an ounce of sense knows that the current president is taking this opportunity to foment hatred among his followers. The incidences of vitriol spewed by citizens against each other is alarming, and the words “civil war” are being whispered in places far and wide.

The upcoming presidential inauguration wherein Joe Biden will be sworn in as president is one bone of contention among a wide number of people, basically Trump followers. Another is the Georgia senatorial election, which will determine the balance of power in Congress.

In this political maelstrom we have the current President of the United States behaving as though in a panic, refusing to concede that he lost his bid for a second term. Actually, he laid the groundwork for this debacle before the election even happened by buttering up his constituents with the absurd notion that if he lost, the election would be rigged. He covered all bases with this outrageous assertion, and surprise of all surprises, a lot of so-called intelligent people bought his nonsensical, and frankly, dishonest diatribe without even questioning it!

When assessing what is happening all around the world today, it becomes clear that one of the common denominators of everything that is happening is based on hatred of one stripe or another.

It is clear that there is a very large class of people of all ethnicities who believe that they are the only ones who should be sanctioned to live decent lives where they choose. This is especially true among the wealthy class.

Europeans came to these shores fleeing a special kind of oppression in their home territory and decided that they had the right to come to the Americas and snatch the land from those who were living on it. Today, the descendants of those interlopers have the audacity to bar others from coming here merely because they see themselves as superior!

This is preposterous, and many of them claim to be Christians, i.e., followers of Christ, while they rape and pillage and do whatever they can to make life miserable for others. Some are so adamant about this that they are willing to talk about seceding from the Union.

Lest we become smug when thinking about this, the bogeyman of hatred is not just the purview of white supremacists – Black people have some of the same issues.

In fact, any way you slice and dice humanity, each group will divide itself up so that one-upmanship will always be apparent. So, taking the Black community, for example, without the presence of white people, the bogeyman of hatred will still rear its ugly head.

Light-skinned Blacks will be maligned by their darker-skinned brethren and sistren; we will also witness Black males vs. Black females; Black gays vs. Black straight people; Black college-educated vs. the uneducated; the Black wealthy vs. the middle class; the middle class vs. the poor, and so on. In fact, there are a myriad of ways to chop up the community so that people can find ways to entertain the bogeyman of division and hatred.

When considering the ubiquitous nature of hatred among diverse members of the human family, it becomes obvious that the erasure of white supremacy is not going to fix the problems that we face as Black Americans.

A new presidential administration will not be able to significantly change and/or enhance the quality of life among Black Americans, unless the bogeyman of hatred is significantly addressed.

A very wise Black man once said that when a spoke of a wheel pops out, you can stick it back in, but another will pop out if the hub is not in place. That’s how it is with people sharing our planet, country and neighborhood. Healing requires the removal of the bogeyman of hatred before real social progress will dominate.

Can we achieve this goal? It is possible if everyone understands that they need to enlist as soldiers against discord. The challenge is that it takes a certain amount of innate intelligence to reach this level of thinking. When a critical mass of citizens become enlightened, the goal of successful community-hood will be reached. Let’s hope this happens soon! A Luta Continua.

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