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The attempt to destroy our religion

Beyond the Rhetoric

By Harry C. Alford & Kay DeBow

Throughout the history of the world there have been attempts to destroy, alter or maim a group’s belief in God. That is One God or monotheism. It was over 4,000 years ago when Pharaoh decided he would destroy the Hebrews’ belief in One God. You can take history from there and bring it up to 1776 – the founding of the United States of America. Religion is so important that our forefathers made it Number One on the listing of our Bill of Rights.

Even today we have challenges. Currently, there is the ruse of the COVID-19 pandemic which is a highly contagious virus and can be transmitted from human to human or from surfaces that have been contaminated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing hands frequently.

There are governors who want to stop our churches from assembling one day a week and other special events. They are threatening our religious leaders with jail, fines, and other forms of punishment. They claim that church meetings are not “essential,” and parishioners must not form in clusters that will spread COVID-19. Liquor stores, supermarkets and home stores are exempt from the ban but not a holy congregation – how ironic? It has totally gotten out of hand.

Recently, President Trump has gotten into the fray. He claims that he will challenge any state government or other governing bodies if they try to enforce a ban on church meetings, events, and days of worship.

Why are they doing this? Church organizations can become powerful as they rally around a common belief and worship a higher authority than a group of people. People are indeed empowered when they truly believe that God is on their side and will protect them from the evil in the world. That is what we had before today.

In the early days of the American Holocaust (slavery) the slaveholders would put up false gods before us and would instill patience in a better life after death. Times have changed and now we want it now because we believe in a Living God – not one to come after death. The topic is entering the Presidential debate and we say BRING IT ON!

The days of attacking Black religious institutions is over. They can burn down a hundred of our places of worship, but we will not back down. VICTORY IS OURS SAYETH THE LORD! Times have changed and the new day is fresh and will be most powerful around the world. The key to this matter is that we are organized and will fight back. Never have the worldwide evangelists been so dumbfounded. The new day is fresh and glorious. Organization and communication are power and will defeat the old establishment.

Politicians fear this power and will make the old political ways be pushed aside. Ironically, politicians embrace churches during election time, they cannot wait to be seen with a Bible and hymnal rubbing shoulders with worshipers. But today they want the churches shuttered. It’s a desperate power move. They hope to plant fear into the ministers and church officers and let the political entities have their way and favor.

A church in Mississippi burned down last week and the incident is now being investigated as arson; the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to CBS News. First Pentecostal Church in Holly Springs had previously defied stay-at-home orders to open for services, and the church even sued the city of Holly Springs for trying to shut down a Bible study gathering.

Investigators said they found graffiti on the church property reading: “Bet you stay home now you hypokrites. (sic)”

Their worship service on Easter Sunday was interrupted by police even though they were social distancing. A group of the parishioners went to Walmart to make a point. No problem. The virus does not care whether it is a store or a church. The church is now suing the city of Holly Springs.

A Baltimore pastor ripped up his cease and desist order in the middle of service and was given a $5,000 fine. The church was in compliance with Governor Hogan’s guidelines but was not in compliance with the Baltimore County Health Department rules according to Foxnews.- com.

In Florida, Governor DeSantis designated religious services as “essential activities.” “I don’t think the government has the authority to close a church. I’m certainly not going to do that,” DeSantis said.

If we can go to Walmart and wear a mask, then we should be able to do the same at church.

Mr. Alford is the Co-Founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce ®. Ms. DeBow is the Co-Founder, Executive Vice President of the Chamber. Website: Emails: [email protected] [email protected].

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