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Why is Terrorism Still Growing?

Beyond the Rhetoric
By Harry C. Alford

Not too long ago Americans considered terrorism as some geopolitical ailment happening in the Third World. But since September 11, 2001 when a team of hijackers commandeered jet airplanes filled with innocent U.S. citizens and crashed (Kamikaze style) into the Twin Trade Towers, the Pentagon and into a Pennsylvania countryside, our attitudes have changed. That event and hundreds of events afterwards constantly remind us that there is a dangerous world out there and in here.
These terror groups were considered fledgling and were housed in desolate places. It seems like the more we destroy terrorists they multiply like pesky flies or cockroaches. They all have one thing in common. They hate the United States with a vengeance. The majority of them cling to a radical form of Islam. They are headquartered on every continent of the world with the exception of North America. However, like September 11, they target US citizens wherever they are.  Many times they enter into our nation with the intent of bringing death on American citizens.
Probably the largest and most lethal group is ISIS. Their leadership is an off – shoot of Al – QAEDA whom they eventually considered to be “soft” in its killings and ethnic cleansing. This group has no limits to their modus operandi. Mass beheadings, rapes, human torching are just a few of their horrible deeds. They actually have an organized army and employ heavy artillery in their menu of weapons. They proclaim a state which is a blend of western Iraq and eastern Syria.  They actively recruit males and females from around the world. You will find ISIS in Libya, Syria, Iraq and they have a reach via lone wolf agents or small bands in the western world including Europe and the United States. The hundreds of millions of refugees that are now passing through new borders are littered with ISIS agents coming to do harm to peace loving citizens.
We had a false “funeral” for AL – QAEDA. During the 2012 national election, the Democrats chanted “Osama Bin Laden is dead and AL – QAEDA is on the run.” Bin Laden was certainly dead but AL QAEDA is alive and well. They moved into Iraq as we were leaving the nation.  They also have a strong presence in Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia. The attackers on our people in the Benghazi incident were affiliates of AL QAEDA. You will find alliances of AL QAEDA in Mali, Guinea and other nations throughout western and central Africa.
The most popular allies of ISIS in Africa is Boko Haram of Nigeria and surrounding nations and Boko Haram of Somalia. These two Islamic Extremist groups are known for their hit and run tactics on civilians. They massacre children and women with no hesitation. At the same time they will make stands with the armies of Kenya and Nigeria. Another favorite target are resort hotels harboring European and American tourists.
World terrorism is growing at an exponential pace. Do not take the hype that it is being “contained” or “on the run” and “dying away.”  A very good living example of the reverse happening is the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Yes, they are back and growing in great numbers.  What drives the Taliban is money – big bucks. Police authorities are telling us that Afghanistan has returned to its ranking as being one of the largest drug exporters in the nation. America and Europe are now being overrun with heroin being trafficked from Afghanistan. A terrorist group being fueled with millions of dollars by the day is a worthy force.  Will we have to go back to Afghanistan again? It is a frightening thought but the reality is coming close to us via drug addiction increases in this nation and deadly violence to peace loving citizens of Afghanistan and neighboring.
The overall problem is a morphing bureaucracy within the policing authorities. The United Nations, PanAfrican Union, Inter- pol,  FBI, CIA, KGB, etc. are hacking away at it but there is no concerted and organized initiative coming from these allies that would wipe out the aforementioned groups. Where is the agreed upon strategy? Why can’t we hunt them out into the open and destroy them with awesome military might? They massacre our males without retribution; kidnapped our girls and turned them into sex slaves for sale; yield utter destruction to some of the world’s most precious architecture sights and relics and nothing happens from our side.
The leadership of the world must face this growing “cancer” and yank it out for good. There can be no peace when we allow those who are committed to violence and war grow and prosper.  Will the true leaders step forward and apply your God given courage and determination.

Mr. Alford is the Co-Founder President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®. Website: www.  Email: [email protected] .

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