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Teacher Holds Twerking Contest In Classroom And Pays Each Participating Student $25

A group of parents are upset after a Snapchat video showed a Mississippi high school science teacher hosting a twerking contest during school hours.

By Deja Monet, The Hollywood Unlocked

According to Delta News TV, the Snapchat video shows the students participating in a twerking competition during a chemistry class at Leland High School. The teacher, identified as Mr. Miller, is shown cheering the female students on and gives each student $25 for being in the competition. The video was apparently uploaded during the school’s homecoming week.

Parent Erica Haney and her husband reported the video to the school’s administration but officials have yet to do anything to look into the events surrounding the video.

“So they gave me their word..they was like let us handle this. They pushed us off the two weeks we had to wait and then we can address it.”

Although their daughter was not a student in Miller’s classroom, the Haneys were more concerned about the students’ safety in the school.

“We care you know..every one of those kids in that school deserve a chance and have the right to have an education and be safe.”

The school district said in a statement that Miller has been terminated from his position but no further details were revealed.

Press play to learn more in the video clip below.

This article originally appeared in The Hollywood Unlocked.

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