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Taking Back the Power of the Vote

Chicago inner city voters went to the polls and made their mayoral choice. Now what?

The Mayor Harold Washington Legacy Committee wants to re-create the synergy that created the voter interest, voter participation and voter turnout that landed votes for Harold Washington as the mayoral victor.

On March 16, 2019, the Mayor Harold Washington Legacy Committee will host an intergenerational meeting of the minds where dialog will engage the ideas and political views representative of the community. The Committee will share Harold Washington’s plan, how he executed it and why it worked to inform and provide insight to what a successful plan looks like and how you work it.

The Committee Chair Josie Childs said, “The conversation is between the old and the new—a meeting of the minds because we’re in it together. It’s not enough to know what we want for the community, but we must identify and prioritize our list and present it to the mayor and all elected officials. The real work is making sure that the elected deliver.”

The event will be held at Bethel AME Church, 4440 South Michigan Avenue at 2:00 p.m. The doors will open at 1:30 PM.

Childs added, “It’s going to be quite an inspirational day. Dialog will include ‘How Harold Governed,’ and ‘What Now?’ The day will go from ‘The Way We Were,’ to ‘Rise up!’”

The presentational dialog will take place between Harold’s cabinet and Millennials moderated by Tim Wright, Esq., former Harold Washington, Special Counsel to the Mayor and Commissioner of Economic Development.

The purpose is to establish how to pass the torch of responsibility from one generation to the next.

This event will be historical, educational, informative and entertaining.

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