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Save the children! One of the things that set people apart is their levels of morality. Essentially, people can usually be divided into two categories: individuals who operate based on concerns for others, and those who are only concerned about themselves.

Those who have concern for others do not automatically negate their own needs…they strike a balance. They take care of themselves while at the same time showing compassion toward others.

The selfish people among us, the ones who are only thinking about their own well-being, don’t give a rat’s patootie about what happens to the people around them, as long as they get what they want. Warmongers are among this group.

Today, scores of children are losing their lives in wars fought by adults for various and sundry reasons. And if you ask the adults who are fighting these wars, they will swear they’re fighting for just causes.

Each side blames the other, but in actuality people on both sides of each situation are culpable, and in the end, individuals who have no control over the wars are the ones who suffer the most, and this is especially true of children, who are often caught up in a sequence of events that boggle the imagination. The images we see of maimed children, torn, with dismembered limbs and decapitated bodies, often crying over the bodies of dead parents and siblings, is a very sad sight indeed. War is hell!

Many people go about their business on a daily basis in places that have not been directly impacted by the consistent bombardment of bombs and other devices of war; they have not been directly impacted by the ugliness that is happening elsewhere on Earth.

While people in urban American communities are buying Gucci products and $1,000 red-bottom shoes, children in war torn areas are foraging for food and clean water amid bombed-out rubble. Thousands of them are losing their lives at the hands of adults.

Essentially, this madness has got to stop! While Hamas points fingers at Israel, and Israel points fingers at Hamas, children are dying! While Russia bombs the Ukraine, and Ukraine fights back, children are dying. Both sides are killing children.

The youth are dying as a result of famine, generated by policies over which they have no control. Actually, to take a detour, children in beleaguered urban ghettos are also losing their lives, caught between warring urban factions.

Basically, all over the globe adults are killing children. What we should do is advocate for a Universal Ceasefire! Stop warfare everywhere! Enact logical peace treaties. Share resources. Adults who vote to continue the culture of war, no matter what side they’re on, are voting to kill our progeny; they are voting to Kill the Future!

With that said, we admit that warfare has been with us since the very beginning of time. There are multiple wars going on around us every day; nature is based on opposites that oppose each other or synthesize to create reality.

Polarity is the basis of our lives; there is no up without down; children are born when males and females unite; and this polarity is true of most other aspects of our lives. The dynamics of opposition are real and make the proverbial world go around!

But we need to stop and understand there are two sides of this coin: we have the choice of understanding that opposites are complementary, and that we can make a better world for ourselves if we understand this idea.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people have chosen to align themselves geographically, racially, and in every other type of “ism” that keeps us from seeing the common bond in opposites. Because of this, it might seem naïve to expect that adults worldwide will do the right thing and employ strategies of negotiation that will lead to a path of cooperation and prosperity for all. That would be the right path.

If we don’t figure out how to live together, however, we will inevitably die together, because by killing our children we are killing the future! A Luta Continua.

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