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Still going as peace marches decline

Crusader staff report

As in years past, gun violence is increasing as the weather gets warmer. But the many peace marches that were held in Chicago’s Black neighborhoods are declining as hope fades, while many are being murdered on the city’s streets.

This weekend, one of the most powerful demonstrations continues its crusade for peace, hoping to keep the fire burning for those seeking an end to the violence. Senior Pastor John F. Hannah and the New Life Covenant SE Church congregation is inviting the entire Chicago community to stand together for a “CELEBRATION OF LIFE” at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 20, 2017 during the annual Prayer On The 9 initiative, a community demonstration and outreach hosted by New Life Covenant Church Southeast. Attendees will gather at 79th and Greenwood in Chicago at 10:00 a.m. for Pastor Hannah’s “Community Address” and presentation of a financial contribution to three partnering organizations.

The event is a call-to-action for the community to pray and gather along Chicago’s East 79th Street as one community, one city against violence of any kind.

Last year thousands of Chicagoans came together and lined two-miles along 79th street from Greenwood to the Dan Ryan on both sides of the street, to demonstrate a unified stance against violence and to pray for those communities most affected by violence.

Pastor John Hannah will partner with three community organizations in the neighborhood to provide resources and services for the residents after the demonstration. New Life Covenant will donate to the three organizations over the summer to provide resources for violence prevention and awareness in the Grand Crossing area.

Pastor Hannah states, “It’s time for clergy, church members, organizations, students, teachers and community leaders to step out of the boundaries of their four walls and bridge the gap to create positive change in the community. I am looking forward to collaborating with these organizations which live in the community they serve to provide resources after the Prayer on the 9 demonstration.

“There is no power on earth stronger than prayer. Together, we will harness the power of collective prayer to address the problems of the community while seeking healing and transformation for the many ills in our society, including all types of violence, poverty, mental and physical illness and more,” said Pastor Hannah who leads a congregation of nearly 19,000 people. New Life Covenant follows the principles of a church of love, worship, word and outreach.

To register for Prayer On The 9, visit Follow the specific instructions for “individuals” or “churches/organizations” to receive block placement assignments. For further information, please call 773-285-1731.

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