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State Rep. Lilly encourages teens on importance of civic engagement

Providing young people the chance to discover the importance of community activism, state Rep. Camille Y. Lilly D-Chicago, presented her I’m 17 event to inspire local teenagers to always stay active, speak up for themselves, ask questions about civic engagement and understand their roles in their community, school and in society.

“In this day and age, it is critically important for youths to get in the mindset to be active and speak up for themselves,” said Lilly. “Barack Obama started as a community organizer trying to improve the lives of his neighbors, so it is possible to make a difference and everyday cynicism should not discourage our young people into complacency.”

Lilly regularly offers her I’m 17 event to local youths on Chicago’s West Side in order to inspire them to get involved with their community and give them the opportunity engage with other like-minded teenagers. As the country addresses issues like gun violence, with the recent shootings in Florida, Lilly wants young people to be heard. Her event teaches teenagers the importance of how to speak up about matters that are important to them.

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