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State Rep. admits Springfield lawmakers voted to expand Red Light Camera program to help mayors

By Crusader Staff Reporter

State Rep. Iris Martinez

The Red Light Camera program was muscled into law under the guise of safety for Illinois’ children, pedestrians and motorists. Recently, in an editorial board meeting hosted by the Chicago Sun Times, State Rep. Iris Martinez came clean and admitted that she and fellow Springfield lawmakers voted to expand the Red Light Camera program, not to protect Illinoisans, but to help mayors with revenue.

When asked the question about voting for the expansion of the Red Light Camera program for the state by Attorney Richard Boykin, candidate for Clerk of the Circuit Court, Martinez responded nervously. She said she knew from the beginning that it was not fair to the people but that did not stop her from voting for the bill. Martinez went on to explain to the editorial review board, “that is what we do” (In Springfield). “We have to help the mayors with revenue.”

Martinez’s admission comes at the same time Ex-Sen. Martin Sandoval, who served in the state Senate for 19 years and was head of the transportation committee pleads guilty to taking bribes from the Red Light Camera industry.

In a 27-page plea agreement, Sandoval admitted that he agreed to block any unfavorable legislation to the red-light camera industry in exchange for $20,000 in annual campaign contributions.

Oak Brook mayor, Tony Ragucci, recently stepped down amid an ongoing federal probe rumored to involve kick backs from Red Light Camera companies.

Did State Rep. Martinez sell her constituents down the river? Most red light cameras are in Black and brown communities.

If Rep. Martinez would cast that vote as a Democrat in Springfield, what would she do to Cook County voters who use the Circuit Court if she were to be elected Clerk?

You decide.

(In the wake of the federal probe, the Illinois House of Representatives is poised to pass a bill that would ban red-light cameras in non-home rule communities only)

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