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St. Philip Neri honored Black History Month with student assembly program

St. Philip Neri Catholic School assembly was a success as the students reinforced the theme of celebrating, educating and commemorating our African American heritage.

On February 22, 2019, the students showcased their talents through dance, poem/spoken word and presentations of African-American ancestors, heroes, and pioneers whose contributions have made a solid imprint in American history. This two-part program was interactive, entertaining, and very educational for the staff, fellow students and proud supportive parents.

2nd Grade
STUDENTS IN THE 2nd Grade Class portrayed the slave master, his son, a young Frederick Douglass and the slaves on the plantation as depicted in “Escape to Freedom; a Narrative of the Young Frederick Douglass.”

Principal Kenneth Koll reminded all the importance of knowing your roots at a young age that shaped who you can become just like these influential leaders they honored.

“With this Black History Month Assembly, we are engaging our spirits today in the spirit of today, All of these incredible people started off like these students young boys and girls who were ordinary people who did extraordinary things in their life which ultimately impacted others generation after generation,” he added.

The pride, motivation, faith, tenacity and strength continues by showing Black History Month should be celebrated not just in February but should be recognized every day.

1st Grade
WHILE HOLDING SIGNS with flags and the word “PEACE” painted on them, the 1st Grade students sang “Songs About Martin,” which is about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

St. Philip Neri School has been a strong presence in the South Shore community since it first opened in 1913. Irish-Americans and other people of Western European ancestry first established the school. The founding priests, sisters and families were determined that their institution would add to the well-being and growth of the church and the greater South Shore community. Construction on the school began long before the permanent church was built. The initial worship space was located where the present-day main entrance way is – the section of the school now referred to as the rotunda.

7th 8th Grade
PROVIDING AN INTERACTIVE segment to the Black History Program, students in the 7th and 8th grade made presentations highlighting Black scientists, mathematicians, and inventors called, “Who Am I.” Students made their science projects into a quiz trivia game show.

Since the 1970s, the South Shore neighborhood has gone through a transformation and become an area where upwardly mobile African Americans moved into the community. St. Philip Neri remains a pillar of scholastic relevance for families that want their children to have a quality education, innovative ways of learning including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) and experienced teachers who integrate Catholic Christian Church values with fundamental educational concepts for their growth in the future. For more information about St. Philip Neri Catholic School, visit

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