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African Americans have been in a skirmish with white people since being brought to these shores to serve as slaves. This “peculiar institution” was extremely brutal, yet today, many white people dismiss this notion choosing to believe that slavery was “good” for Blacks, or that it didn’t really do much harm. Many of them think that Black people should “just get over it,” because that was so long ago. Moreover, they say that white people living today have nothing to do with what happened years ago to Black people. They are, however, wrong about this.

New research indicates that genetic material from our ancestors along with their experiences, actually influence our lives today. If you think about it, every person has within their makeup the physical genetic material from every ancestor in their past. There is a continuous line of genetic material that is passed on from generation to generation.

It stands to reason, therefore, that it is possible that the non-physical attributes connected with the genetic material, i.e., the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), would bear “genetic memories.” Modern scientists are now coming to this realization.

What this ultimately means is that there are white people living today who do, in fact, have a direct connection with ancestors who enslaved and mistreated Blacks. There are banks and other institutions that exist to this day that benefitted greatly from the slave trade. This is direct evidence of a karmic tie with the destiny of Blacks on this continent and in the greater Diaspora.

Currently, the Black community is quite beleaguered. There seems to be a collective depression that resides in too many Black American communities. Black-on-Black murders and other crimes are just the tip of the iceberg, and they are the result of causes that lie deeply buried in the Black psyche. This is why Black people suffer not only socio-economic depression, but also suffer from a myriad of psychological and physical ailments as well.

Basically, many American Blacks are scarred internally, and are living out the challenges faced by their oppressed ancestors who hover over the community like a depressive invisible cloak. This situation has its roots in a type of Mind Control. Today, as in the past, slaves have to be made into slaves!

They had to be trained to think of themselves as inferior to their slave masters. They had to be convinced of being powerless. They had to be constantly reminded that they could have no control over their circumstances.

Some slaves were brave enough to attempt to buck the system, but were often thwarted in their efforts, losing their lives in the process. This had the impact of reinforcing the notion of the supposed superiority of the slave masters. What was often forgotten, however, is that no slavery could have occurred if Blacks had bonded in unity to oppose that evil institution.

No group can be defeated unless one of their own sides with the enemy!

Fundamentally, many Black individuals, both in the past AND today, remain enslaved because of a mindset that had ancestral origins. They are enslaved based on specters from the past. Their actual genome is wounded due to the economic, social, psychological and spiritual violence that they have inherited.

There is a way out of this situation, and it lies in the realization that there is a mindset that has been damaged, but that it can be changed for the better. And the only way that this can happen is that the notion of genetic inferiority is erased by a correct knowledge of self. Coupled with this should be an acknowledgement that Black people are owed reparations; they are in need of REPAIR due to wounds inflicted by a white culture that has historically devalued and oppressed them.

Today, due to increasing challenges, the sleeping giant is stirring. It really needs to wake up soon, realize there is strength in numbers, and change the community for the better. If this does not happen, the prospect of Black survival is bleak. A luta continua.

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