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Senator Eddie Melton receives Valparaiso University’s inaugural Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drum Major Instinct Award

STATE SENATOR Eddie Melton delivers the keynote message at Valparaiso University’s annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.

Indiana State Senator Eddie Melton was invited to be the keynote speaker for Valparaiso University’s annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. According to the school’s website, VU has recognized the holiday for more than 30 years, engaging students, faculty, and “the broader Northwest Indiana community in purposeful dialogue about the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and how to further this legacy today and beyond.”

In addition to being honored as convocation speaker, capping off a full day of sessions, exhibits and activities, Senator Melton became the recipient of the university’s inaugural Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Drum Major Instinct Award.

SenMelton MLKAward01 1

The award was presented by Valparaiso University President José Padilla. He announced that the honor is intended to recognize an individual who selflessly performs daily acts of service to make their community, state, country and world a better place for all.

“This award honors someone who shows outstanding dedication and commitment in giving of their time, talents, treasure and service in the name of justice, equity, equality and humanity,” Padilla said. “Furthermore, (whose) work exemplifies Dr. King’s values, beliefs, life and legacy.” 

enMelton MLKAward02 1In announcing the recipient as Senator Melton, Padilla said, “Just like Martin Luther King Jr., Eddie is spending his life working to give voice to the voiceless.”

Senator Melton graciously accepted the award and later in the program delivered the keynote on the theme of purpose. One of the many highlights of Senator Melton’s speech was his call to use Dr. King as a model and to look within ourselves for the light God has uniquely implanted in each of us and to share it for the betterment of the world.

He concluded with the challenge to live purposeful lives and to “lead like never before, serve like never before, and like Dr. King, love your fellow man like never before.”

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