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Self Care is the Best Care in 2022

Here we are poised to close out another year, and we are still in the midst of a global pandemic. Two COVID-19 variants later, we are seemingly back to square one of quarantining, mask requirements, safe distancing, etc. However, we are now armed with much more information and most important, vaccinations and booster shots.

As customary, this time of year many will make resolutions and set goals to pursue for the next 12 months. It is also a time when I chime in with healthy tips to implement for the New Year. If nothing else, the past 18 months or so have taught us a lot about our mental health. 

Many of our normal interactions have changed with some completely going away. We have developed creative ways to gather virtually and make meaningful connections online. As we embark on another year of a “new normal,” I challenge you to place self care at the top of the list. 

It’s no secret that we can do more and be more to others if we first take care of ourselves. Here are a few ideas to get started on your “YOU” routine:

Get some rest – Just because you’re working remotely or spending more time at home doesn’t mean that every moment must be filled with work. Allot space on your calendar to unplug regularly and do absolutely nothing. Be alone with your thoughts and meditate. It will deliver a refreshed feeling and more energy.

Arrange some type of getaway – The pandemic has made traveling more complicated, but there are still some available options. A day trip to a museum, a spa day or a couple days at bed and breakfast all count as a getaway. The more creative the better.

Read. Believe it or not, but reading is therapeutic. Disconnect from the internet and curl up with a good book. The topics and genres are endless. Who knows? You may even pick up a new skill or hobby that soothes the mind.

Go to the doctor. You already knew I was going to say this! Get a full physical and rundown of what’s going on health wise. It’s the best way to take care of YOU. Be sure to have a health advocate (family member or friend) to tag along and hold you accountable to follow up on the doctor’s orders.

I could go on with more self care tips, but I think you get the point. The goal is to get to what makes you BETTER, so that you are better for everyone else! Doctor’s orders!

Happy New Year, and remember, your health matters!

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