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Security changes within GCSC enhanced changes provide safer learning environment

The Gary Community School Corporation (GCSC) has added new measures to increase safety and security in the schools. With safety being a primary concern among districts across nation, the Gary schools are paying close attention to trends and resources that create safe learning environments for Gary’s youth.

The GCSC security team led by co-directors Danny Rias and Colonel Richard Ligon, has implemented several measures, including the upgrading of surveillance systems. Footage from within school buildings is now accessible by local law enforcement, and videos from the bus cameras are at the fingertips of school administrators.

“Previously, we would have to wait for videos to be sent from the transportation or security division, but now principals can access bus footage immediately,” said Danny Rias, co-director of Security. “This is very important as we work to identify any behavioral or safety issues right away.”

In addition, while on school property, students and staff are required to wear ID badges and visitors are checked through a safe visitation system. Security team members have stepped up the enforcement of this requirement to decrease the likelihood of unauthorized individuals being on school grounds.

For staff and security who interact with students, trainings like CPI (non-violent crisis intervention) have been added to address challenges before they escalate. Security officers in the buildings are required to attend regular safety meetings and take monthly trainings offered through U.S. Homeland Security.

To include families, the security team also hosts safety meetings in the schools and in the community to build better relationships between law enforcement and residents.

“As the district continues to improve, security remains a top priority,” added Ligon. “We are exhausting every option because our students, staff and visitors deserve to feel safe every time they come to a school building.”

Families are encouraged to attend the safety meetings held in the schools. Any questions regarding security can be addressed by calling (219)318-2351

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