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One of the biggest issues facing our divided country is the separation of the population into principles of left, right and center. In the United States, these ideas conveniently pit groups against each other based on what side one lands ideologically. These divisions turn out to be important when it comes to assessing issues that impact the general population.

For example, there are Black people who fall on the right side of the sociopolitical spectrum, those who fall on the left, and those who identify right in the middle, and they make decisions based on their respective stance. There is a stereotype that the majority of Black people fall on the left, which is identified as being “liberal.” Those Blacks who fall on the right of the political spectrum and who are brave enough to identify themselves as such are usually dragged through the mud by other Blacks.

Why is this issue important? In modern America, where the country is moving in a direction that is seemingly anti-Black and, in fact, anti-Earth and anti-people, Blacks need to become unified in order to ensure the continued survival of the planet, and our posterity.

One issue of extreme importance is the current environment of so-called “fake news.” It has seeped into every crevice of society and threatens to derail democracy. It seems to come from the “right” and to target issues as “fake” that need to be addressed. Climate change is one of these issues. It is being painted as not true by many right-leaning individuals in our government, even in the face of very strong evidence to the contrary. Right leaning people, therefore, will ignore warnings coming from the left about our need to take better care of our environment. This is proof positive of how people can be controlled by slanted thinking; it can cause people to cease thinking for themselves.

Black people are also influenced in this manner, and because of the issues facing the community, it is very crucial that the community understands truth when it is present.

There are several ominous threads that are relevant in this regard. There is a strong rumor that a lot of the murders in the Black community are being committed by people who are actually outside of the community, but who are masquerading as Blacks. Because of this, some people are quick to relinquish responsibility for the issues we face by blaming others. This is counterproductive. The truth may be, however, that there have been so many Black-on-Black murders that it becomes easy for others to come in and take advantage of the Black community’s murder phenomenon.

Logic and slanted thinking are tricky. There are Black people who swear that President Donald Trump is one of the best presidents ever elected in the United States. On the other hand, there are Black people who feel that he is one of the most evil individuals to occupy that grand office.

This is the problem with propaganda-based thinking. It is not logical, and it threatens to keep people permanently enmeshed in foggy thought. Many reports are showing that the country has definitely experienced an uptick in bigotry since Donald Trump became president, but there are those who actually refuse to believe this is the case. To them it matters not what hard data shows, they are led by their allegiance to ideas of the “right,” “left,” or “center.”

Ultimately, society as a whole will move in the direction of the predominant mindset. If the left predominates, therein will the country move, but if the major thrust is dominated by the right, that’s where we will end up. Arguably, the perception seems to be that the right path is a detrimental one for most Black people. Ultimately, if things are looked at in an objective sense, the truth is probably found in flexibility, i.e., sometimes a right of center strategy may most benefit the community; sometimes the left would be more appropriate; and sometimes the center position would be the most beneficial.

Basically, when it comes to navigating these most difficult waters in troubled times on Earth, it will take all of us to work together in a thrust to protect ourselves. We must strive for clear thinking, which is flexible thinking. We must protect the Earth, and we must search for solutions that will save it and us.

If this does not happen, our lop-sided thinking could cause us to lose our Earthly home, all because we chose to believe in right-leaning “fake news” about climate change. Save our Earth! A Luta Continua.

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