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Saint Sabina’s youth leader, Khalil White-El, 18, shot dead

He was described as polite, respectful to adults, and a good son who worked closely with Saint Sabina’s male mentoring program, but today he is just another statistic in Chicago’s seemingly never-ending gun violence, Father Michael L. Pfleger posted on his Facebook page.

Dead is Khalil White-El, 18, who was a member of Saint Sabina’s Saving Our Son’s (SOS) mentoring program headed by Joseph Saunders. When contacted, Saunders said, “I am absolutely devastated. He was like a son to me. I have known him for many years.”

Also shocked was Father Pfleger who said on his Facebook page, “Tonight (I) was at the scene of another young man killed. He was in our program, at our block party (last) Friday and at our King Center yesterday showing off his uniform for his new job…but tonight, he’s gone.

“What the hell is wrong?  When do we stop killing each other? Watching another mother’s tears…. I’m so damn angry and hurt…. Help us, God,” Father Pfleger said.

Also, in shock over the death of White-El is Rev. Lamar Johnson, director of Saint Sabina’s Violence Prevention, who just saw White-El the other day. “He was showing off his work uniform, Johnson said. White-El had just gotten hired at an area car wash and was proud to have his own job. He was a member of Saint Sabina’s Strong Futures program. “He was a really good kid,” Johnson said. He would speak to you first. He was a polite, well-mannered kid.

“He was always a part of our afterschool programs. Khalil was like an old soul. He was the last person you would think of being murdered,” said Rev. Johnson.

According to Rev. Johnson, news of White-El’s murder reached social media before either Father Pfleger or his parents learned about the incident.

According to the Chicago Police Department officials, “The victim was pronounced deceased at the scene” and “Area Two detectives are investigating.”

Funeral arrangements are pending.

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