Saint Sabina’s Father Pfleger Fighting For Black Farmers


Pfleger continues to promote black generational wealth

By Chinta Strausberg

Under the guidance of Father Michael L. Pfleger, the Stein Learning Garden of Saint Sabina was included in the Easter Invasion giveaway where Richard Kirkpatrick revealed the ultimate goal is to help black farmers.

Kirkpatrick distributed growth kits to those attending the Easter Invasion gift giveaway hosted by Purpose Over Pain, Building The Beloved Community and 71-year-old Rev. Michael L. Pfleger who was ordered not to attend the Saturday, April 3rd, event pending the ruling of two 60 and 63-year-old Texas brothers claims that he sexually abused them more than 45 years ago. On April 17th, the Archdiocese Board of Review will render a decision on Father Pfleger’s case.

In the interim, Saturday’s Easter event went on with Kirkpatrick working the crowd bearing free growth kits for those interested in learning how to grow food at home.

“We are distributing growth kits which are introductions to somebody who has not had perhaps has not grown food before,” Kirkpatrick said. “It is to encourage people to grow their own food to be healthy.

“We are also asking people to fill out a survey for the farm stand we are planning on opening at 79th and Racine to try and develop (food) along lines of what people would like to have,” said Kirkpatrick.

He said the farm stand would be open to the public located on the Saint Sabina campus. Kirkpatrick said the plan is to have it open by late spring or early summer. It will be a place where people can drive or walk up and buy their fresh homegrown vegetables.

“But the grand vision is the farmer’s market offering an opportunity to bring their produce and to sell their produce,” Kirkpatrick said referring to black farmers.

Father Pfleger has been involved in creating generational wealth among African Americans often using his own funds to help blacks start up businesses. He has hired scores of blacks to educate and train applicants and match them with job opportunities.

Father Pfleger’s Saint Sabina Academy also produces many success stories including his fighting to get his students college scholarships once they finish high school. He also hires youths as peacemakers and trains students on social justice issues.

Father Pfleger is also a developer having led numerous marches against drug houses at 79th and Racine where he later built a senior home on the east side of 79th and was successful in getting Walgreens to build a store at 79th and Racine.

Father Pfleger continue to try and lure new businesses to the Auburn Gresham community while still fighting crime, especially gun violence, in the community he loves and has served for more than 45 years.

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