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Roosevelt remains closed after pipes burst

By: Giavonni Nickson

Giavonni Nickson

This winter has been brutally cold. The polar vortex brought in a sweep of arctic air and record-breaking temperatures at the end of January.

Gary Community Schools closed for one week because of winter weather warnings and dangerously cold temperatures.

The piping at Gary Roosevelt College and Career Academy did not withstand the impact of this winter’s weather. The freezing temperatures, temperature changes, and melting snow created massive water damage and caused pipes to burst in the historic building that is almost 100 years old.

Theodore Roosevelt College and Career Academy closed its doors because of the pipe damage. When the building closed, Roosevelt students were out of school for one week. While students were out, Gary Community School Corporation diligently worked with the Roosevelt team to develop an emergency action plan. They checked several locations in the district to find a temporary site for the displaced students. The Gary Area Career Center was the best viable option to relocate because of its adequate space.

After being out of school for one week, students resumed class sessions at the Gary Area Career Center on Thursday, February 14, 2019.

Administration, staff, and school corporation leadership worked collectively to help students make a smooth transition to their new classroom location.

Discovery work is being done in the Roosevelt building to test the piping and assess the full extent of the damage. All the pipes are being checked to make sure there will be no leaking once the water is turned back on. The pipes are also being tested to determine their ability to sustain pressure after being frozen.

Technicians are investigating the issue and intend to have a comprehensive report in a few weeks. The Gary School Corporation is anxiously awaiting and proactively developing resolution plans.

“Once we understand the situation we can determine funding sources and make an efficient resolution plan.” -Nakia Douglas Deputy Superintendent at Gary Community School Corporation.

The Roosevelt team is working with Gary CSC to create a plan for students to make up the week of classes they missed when the building closed. A final decision has not been made, but Saturday school has been proposed as a potential plan to resolve the issue of missed coursework.

Roosevelt College and Career Academy will continue to hold classes at the Gary Area Career Center while everyone waits to hear about next steps with the school building.

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