Rev. Jackson to give away baby items to mothers Saturday outside of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition headquarters

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. (center) is pictured holding a box of disposable diapers similar to the ones he will personally assist in distributing in honor of his birthday to mothers in need of diapers.

 And caravan of cars to honor Rev. Jackson’s 79th birthday 

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. is holding an 11 a.m. press conference Saturday, October 10, 2020, in front of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition headquarters, 50th and Drexel Blvd. in Chicago to give diapers to mothers who are financially strapped during this pandemic, followed by a caravan of cars bearing supporters who will drop off their PUSH membership envelopesin honor of Rev. Jackson’s 79th birthday.

“This diaper drive is important because many mothers don’t have the funds to buy enough diapers and some keep them on their babies to long causing them to develop rashes,” said Rev. Jackson. “This diaper drive will help some of the mothers meet the needs of their infants.”

To honor Rev. Jackson’s 79th birthday, at 11 a.m., Rev. Jackson’s supporters are conducting a caravan of cars that will assemble at the UniverSoul Circus parking lot, which sits behind the General Jones Armory, located near the 5200 block South on Payne Drive on the West Side of the street.

Jesse Jackson Sr. prepares to blow the candles out on his 79th birthday cake.

The caravan will leave the parking lot at 11:45 a.m. turning left going North on Payne Drive, around the angle then east to Drexel Blvd., making a left on Drexel going north to 49th and Drexel. At 49th and Drexel, turn right going east to Ellis Street, then another right to 50th and Drexel Blvd. traveling west where Rev. Jackson and Mrs. Bertha McMorris, long time PUSH volunteer who shares a similar birthday, will greet the caravan and collect the membership envelopes which are birthday gifts to Rev. Jackson.

WSRB 106.3 Soul Radio will broadcast live.

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