Rev. Jackson calls for the resignations of Kenosha’s chief of police and sheriff for botching initial arrest of teenage killer

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.

Demands unshackling of Jacob Blake

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. Friday called for the resignation of both Kenosha, Wisconsin Chief of Police Daniel Miskinis and Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth in their handling of the fatal shootings of two protesters and is demanding the unshackling of Jacob Blake who is paralyzed after being shot seven times in the back by one of their officers.

Rev. Jackson said Chief Miskinis should resign after he blamed the deaths of two protesters reportedly shot by Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, last Tuesday night, on their being out after curfew. Miskinis was criticized for saying, “Had persons not been out involved in violation of that, perhaps the situation that unfolded would not have happened.”

Rittenhouse, who turned himself in a day later, was arrested Wednesday and charged with the murders of Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26. Both men were there protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake, 29, a father of three who was shot seven times in the back by Kenosha officer Rusten Sheskey with his three sons in the back seat of the car.

Rev. Jackson said police allowed Rittenhouse to leave the area even though witnesses, who recorded their shooting, told officers that the teen had just shot two people. With his AK-15 strapped around his shoulder, police allowed Rittenhouse, a former police cadet, to leave the area.

Bishop Tavis Grant, national field director for the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, said Sheriff Beth “has less than the value of redemption, of life for these people. He wants to warehouse people…take people out of society. These are the very elements of institutionalized racism.

Beth is criticized for his past remarks concerning looters saying, “These people have to be warehoused…removed form society so that they could not father children…and they should go to prison for life.”

“The police chief has shown a great deal of patronizing in a very subversive way of blaming the protesters and the curfew for what Rittenhouse did. He committed a crime,” Grant said calling the teen a “vigilante.”

He and Rev. Jackson called for the unshackling of Blake who remains in the hospital after being shot by a Kenosha policeman. “He is under police guard, handcuffed in a hospital that is secured since the pandemic began. If he is going somewhere, how is he going to get there? Enough is enough.”

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  1. It’s really up to Kenosha, Wisconsin residents to decide if Kenosha Police Chief and Kenosha County Sheriff resign or not. (@_@)


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