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Retired Indiana public employees disappointed as Senate fails to pass 13th check despite House approval

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The Retired Indiana Public Employee Association (RIPEA) expresses gratitude to the Indiana House of Representatives for passing House Bill 1028, legislation that would have provided a 13th check to the state’s retired public employees. The non-profit organization also extends its appreciation to Representative Robert Cherry, the bill’s author, and co-author Representative Mike Karickhoff for their efforts in championing the legislation.

“House Bill 1028 was a significant step in addressing the financial needs of Indiana’s retired public employees, providing much-needed support for retirees who have dedicated their lives to serving the state of Indiana,” said Jessica Love, RIPEA Executive Director. “RIPEA commends the House of Representatives for passing this legislation and recognizes Representative Cherry and Representative Karickhoff for tireless efforts in advocating for Indiana’s retired public employees. Their leadership and commitment to the well-being of Indiana’s retired public employees are truly commendable.”

Unfortunately, the bill died during the Senate process, and no 13th check for PERF retirees was included in the state’s finalized budget, depriving retired Indiana public employees from receiving an extra check that would have ranged from $150-$450, based on years of service.

“The older retirees get, the harder it becomes to afford their basic lifestyle – thanks in large part to the added health costs that come with the aging process and the detrimental impact of inflation,” added Love. “Retirees have grown to depend on a 13th check and their legislators to get such payments approved.”

RIPEA looks forward to working with Representative Cherry to deliver on his sine die promise to make the 13th check the first bill he introduces next year.

RIPEA advocates on behalf of approximately 97,000 retired public employees in Indiana. Of this population, nearly 10% receive a monthly benefit of $200 or less from their pension, and 67,000 retirees receive a benefit of $800 or less. For those with an annual pension of less than $10,000, and particularly those with an annual pension of less than $2,400, receiving a 13th check can make a huge difference in their financial stability and ability to cover basic necessities.

About Retired Indiana Public Employees Association (RIPEA)RIPEA is a non-profit organization created by the Indiana Legislature in 1972 to enhance and protect the benefits of retired and working members of the Public Employees Retirement Fund (PERF). Nearly 40,000 PERF participants are currently RIPEA members. Visit to learn more.

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