Respected community figure Virglee Feazell passes at 90

Virglee Feazell

Virglee Feazell, a longtime Chicago resident passed suddenly at her Southside home the morning of October 2. She was 90. Services for the neighborhood activist were held at Rayner Funeral Home on October 10.

Feazell had lived in Chicago since the 1950s, moving here from Detroit to join her Aunt, Selma Mangum.

Known to many as “Peaches” for her generous and loving deameanor, Feazell was the daughter of of Bettie Topps and Theodore Bennett. Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on August 22, 1930, she was an only child whose birth, family records indicate, was highly anticipated and celebrated, as after several birth attempts she was the only surviving child.

Her early education was in the public schools of Pine Bluff and Detroit. After graduating from Northwestern High School in Detroit she also attended business college in Detroit. Her studies set her on a clerical career path that included a position as secretary of St. Bethel Baptist Church in Pine Bluff.

At one time Feazell was an active member of St. Mary’s M.B.C. in Englewood, both as a member of the Senior Usher Board and as a Young People’s Supervisor.

In later years she became a member of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church Cathedral in Harvey, Illinois, joining St. Mark to worship with her husband Hubert Feazell who was a member there.

Feazell was a devoted daughter, caring for her mother, who had suffered several strokes before her death in 1957. She extended the same care to her mother’s sisters, Aunts Sallie and Selma.

Feazell was employed at Beau Brummell Valet Cleaners on the northside of Chicago until the late 1970s. At that time she decided her talent would be better utilized as a homemaker and health care provider.

For many years she provided loving care for numerous children, a service immensely appreciated by the parents who sought a safe and secure environment for their pre-school toddlers. She later became a caregiver for the elderly.

Always interested in the world around her, Feazell’s numerous interests included sports, cooking, reading and community involvement. In her own words her desire was ìto help enhance the human condition and the real needs of our citizens.”

After two failed marriages, she met Hubert Feazell, also known as D’Boy. They married in the 1960s and she stood by and took care of him during his illness until his death in 1986. Significant in their union was that Feazell didn’t just marry D’Boy she became a real member of his family. She was admired by many of the Feazell clan, who called and visited her regularly until her death.

Feazell was cared for in her declining years as her health began to deteriorate by cousins, Marian McCollum and Dorothy R. Leavell and her husband, John L. Smith. Melvyn Bryant, a distant relative, attended to day-to-day needs, a comfort she had provided for so many others, until she slept away on Friday morning, October 2, 2020.

She is survived by cousins, Dorothy R. Leavell-Smith, Leonard Gonder, and Marian McCullom.

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