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Resolution Reached with Morgan Park Basketball Boycott

After a successful meeting with the parents of Morgan Park students and Principal Dr. Carolyn Epps, a resolution has been reached and all parties has agreed to join forces to create the best environment possible for the students of Morgan Park High School.

The number one ranked team in the state, Morgan Park, played one of the most anticipated games of the season against Simeon’s Varsity team at Morgan Park High School with strict guidelines on Thursday, January 28.

The strict guidelines were put in place because the 100-year-old gymnasium only seats roughly 300 students in a school with an estimated 1,400 students. No tickets were sold at the door and heavily enforced security measures were in place to comply with maximum capacity seating regulations.

According to one of the parents that helped persuade school officials to keep the game at Morgan Park, Tiffany Burrell, said, “We are personally inviting Alderman Matt O’Shea, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Governor Bruce Rauner to attend the Morgan Park and Simeon game and tour the facilities.” Alderman Matt O’Shea was the only one to attend the game to see Simeon defeat Morgan Park 60-57.

In our effort to satisfy the inadequacies that Morgan Park High School still faces, we are launching a campaign for change. It is our hope that this campaign will encourage CPS to deliver the necessary expansions that are in need such as an athletic building that would house the gymnasium and dedicated areas for all sport teams, in addition to other infrastructure. “We will continue to lobby for our children until our long term objectives has been satisfied. “

Tiffany Burrell said they are looking into creative fundraising to finance research to determine the cost to build a new gym. Despite CPS not committing to the parents that a new gym is planned, Burrell said, “We have no intention of slowing down because we are dedicated to having a new gymnasium built for our students at Morgan Park.”

The group is asking the public for support. To help join their quest for change visit the following snap page:


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