‘Resisterhood’ – This is What Democracy Looks Like in 2020 … Women, Hope & Resistance Are Reshaping American Politics


Powerful Documentary is Eye-Opening Call to Action, Urging Everyone to Use Their Vote & Their Voice! – Available for Streaming Now

By Elaine Hegwood Bowen, M.S.J.

Examining the ongoing reverberations of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election from a women’s perspective, “Resisterhood” is a compelling and impactful documentary urging us all to use our voice and our vote to shape the future of our country … and never has it been more urgent than today.

Showcasing the inspiring stories of six incredibly diverse activists as they work tirelessly to enact change to protect our civil rights and to motivate others to do the same—including peace movement leaders from the African-American, Latina, Muslim and LGBTQ+ communities—“Resisterhood” is now streaming on Amazon (Prime members can view for free) and Vimeo on Demand. Coming soon to Tubi, Roku and Pluto TV and other platforms to be announced.

The feature film debut of producer/director Cheryl Jacobs “CJ” Crim—a longtime producer, director and editor of television documentaries, who has won 12 regional Emmy Awards and two Silver Tellys, among others—her camera captures the initial two years+ of this peaceful and historic female resistance that led to the groundbreaking 2018 mid-term elections putting a record number of women into the U.S. Congress.

Margaret Morrison Protesting

Says Crim, “Resisterhood embodies the idea that when we join together to support and uplift each other, we are all better off. The character and diversity of the people profiled in the film are what is exceptional about America. We are the Resisterhood, ordinary people standing up in an extraordinary time, and that is what Democracy looks like today.”

Juxtapositioning media footage of Donald Trump—from his candidacy through his tumultuous White House residency, as he reveals to the world who he really is and the threat he represents to U.S. civil rights—we are reminded why millions of people throughout the world took to the streets in protest on day one of his presidency and continue to demonstrate in earnest today, seeking equality, inclusion and true Democracy.

At the January 21, 2016, Women’s March in Washington, D.C., we first meet the subjects of “Resisterhood,” six American patriots who are fighting for social justice on the streets and in the halls of power. The film follows them as they work to protect our rights and inspire others to join this peaceful and momentous movement.

Through their eyes, we experience the reality of Trump’s America … and through their actions during this extraordinary time—as they march, teach, speak, organize, run for office, even get arrested—we understand the strength and courage of ordinary citizens and that we all have the power to affect change.

In “Resisterhood,” we meet …

Dr. Jean Gearon, Ph.D., (The Organizer) is the great-granddaughter of a suffragist who participated in the original women’s march in 1913. Jean’s political awakening begins the moment Trump is elected. The psychologist fights back by transforming her eight-member book club into the 400+ member Women’s Alliance for Democracy and Justice. Dr. Gearon was able to visit an archival site that was the place where her great-grandmother held women’s empowerment meetings. She was energized in her commitment, after having seen what she considered the groundwork for the legacy work that she is now doing.

Margaret Morrison (The Marcher) is a seasoned activist who marched from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. Now 84-years-old, Margaret’s legs are weak but her determination to stand for justice is stronger than ever. She attends march after march, beginning with the Women’s March in a pink pussy hat and wearing a Black Lives Matter badge, inspiring everyone around her including her 12-year-old grand-nephew, Dallas.

Morrison stood out in this documentary, because of her age and her vigorous commitment to change. Footage shows her preparing to attend and attending various marches and rallies, participation which in my opinion keeps her youthful.

Luis & Soraida Gutiérrez (The Insiders), a U.S. Congressman (Illinois-D) and his wife, fight for the rights of all Dreamers, immigrants and families separated at the border. It is Soraida who encourages her husband to join the Women’s March and the duo’s lifelong passion for equality ignites their daughter, Jessica Gutiérrez, to run for Chicago’s City Council.

Soraida & Luis Gutiérrez

Former Congressman Luis Gutiérrez and his wife are to be commended. He has been a dedicated public servant to the people in his district and, in fact, people of color everywhere. It was a treat to see him and his wife rally behind his daughter in her quest to carry on the family’s legacy in Chicago politics.

Joanna Lohman (The Motivational Speaker) is a professional soccer player and self-proclaimed “Rainbow Warrior.” Following a season-ending injury, Joanna uses this setback as an opportunity to transform herself into a role model, activist and motivational speaker, standing up for gender equality and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

Lohan is to be commended for giving up an illustrious sports career to become a role model and to encourage others to be involved in the political process.

Mimi Hassanein (The Candidate), a woman of Egyptian heritage who becomes a victim of hate speech after the presidential election because she wears a hijab. She turns her fear into power as she runs for public office, with the support of her enormous family, including 15 grandchildren.

Hassanein is brave, in that she is an immigrant who believes so much in democracy that she endures the ridicule of people mocking her ethnicity—to the point where she removes her hijab to just remain safe and sane while driving through certain neighborhoods. But she’s a firecracker and goes above and beyond the call of duty in her quest to secure public office.

All of these women were remarkable in their commitment and were effective in those 2018 elections in their community. And given the current political climate, this documentary is a good watch for all eligible voters—both male and female. View/Download Trailer: https://vimeo.com/452571904

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