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One of the most important aspects of the concept of illusion that keeps Black people in bondage is the notion that power is in the hands of a chosen few and that there is nothing that can be done about it. The world utilizes illusion to a very great extent and, because of this, it is difficult to tell truth from what is real and possible.

For example, a handful, relatively speaking, of wealthy Americans is able to keep a significant number of people beholden to the idea that they are powerless because they don’t have money. In truth, there are far more people who don’t have money than there are those who have it.

It is also true, however, that the number of very rich people is growing. Once upon a time people talked about those who were millionaires like they were the second coming! Today, people speak about those who are billionaires with the same worshipful envy.

This notion that those who have money are all powerful is a dream that is really a nightmare. This is because it is all an illusion.

The latest member of Congress, Representative George Sanchez, has demonstrated that point. He has taken advantage of the idea of illusion in a big way. A newly elected Republican, it has turned out that he has lied about almost everything in his life. Even though that is the case, he has been assigned to at least two committees in the House of Representatives. If he is not eventually removed because he totally misrepresented himself, it will probably be due to the importance of his vote as a Republican, i.e., his importance in maintaining the balance of power in the House of Representatives.

This situation is instructive, in that there are those who will go to great lengths in an attempt to leverage power. And make no mistake, Congress DOES have the power to impact our lives in a very major way. Congressional members can decide whether or not we have access to Medicare, Social Security, legislation that addresses climate change, access to abortion services, and more!

With this said, it is especially important for African Americans to understand how to play the game of American power and how to access resources. The chief playbook that we should be referencing is the one that demands we all play together. There is, indeed, strength in unity, which is most likely why Representative Sanchez might keep his job in spite of being one of the biggest charlatans in American political history.

Unfortunately, too many African Americans harbor a defeatist attitude. They genuinely do not believe that power is available to the Black community. They do not understand that power must be taken, and that our perception of the world influences how we behave, which influences what we will pursue. If people believe that they are inferior and that they will never gain what they desire, their behavior will demonstrate that notion, and they will sabotage themselves.

Is this why, with the fantastic successes that have been demonstrated by the Black community in diverse fields, people still believe that acquiring reparations is impossible? Is this why we liberally call each other the “N” word and participate in the denigration of the community by supporting music and culture that is toxic to the community? Is this why we have more African American rich people than probably any other time in American history, but we are still killing each other at phenomenal rates?

It appears that we do not believe in ourselves, while at the same time, we believe in the infallibility of white people. We believe they are more powerful than we are, even though it is true that they depend upon how we spend our money to keep their positions and their wealth. We are participating in a type of reverse judo, in that everyone else is using our wealth to defeat us and to enrich themselves.

It is very disheartening to hear otherwise intelligent Black people speak with feigned authority saying that Black people will NEVER receive reparations! They are hypnotized by the illusion of a lack of power.

The Birmingham Bus Boycott demonstrated what could be possible if Black people would just unify. The world responds to who we are and the energy that we put into bringing about positive change. But nothing will happen for Black people if they (we) are not able to see beyond the veneer of white power to take control of our collective destiny! Reparations Now!!! A Luta Continua.

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